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over 2 years ago bianx said:

love your works tlga ate lily !!!! big fan ako since college ( 2 yrs na kong graduate). It started pa sa tamako sia, tamadao sia at pag abang abang sa update ng Tears of Angel, yung sequel nun at nung His POV version. Hehehehe. Keep up the good work po and Godbless


almost 3 years ago Majieddah Guiana said:

Ate blacklily pahingi po ng access code please nung malaman ko po na may tgwsm dito gunawa po ako agad ng account para lang mabasa ang story na to, i cant sleep


almost 3 years ago jssfgc xa rt gcb said:

Literally crying right now because of tgwsm

Sydney profilepic

almost 3 years ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Could you please look Sour Apple? If so, please leave a comment/review, a emotion (if deserved) and a heart (if deserved). I will do this in return for a story or poem of yours. Thanks, and have a nice day!


P.S: If you give me a review, you may only get a comment in return. Sorry. :/

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