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over 1 year ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I’m working on a new novel called Vision Zero and I’m trying to get feedback to make it better. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!

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over 1 year ago MJ Francke said:

Hi there, If you have a minute I would love if you could check out my new poem, "untitled". Thanks!


almost 2 years ago Emily Rose said:

Hi, I read three of your beautiful pieces, would you please read one of anything of mine, thx :)

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almost 2 years ago Adam Aldrich said:

Thank you for your kind and insightful review with regard to my poem 'The God Lottery,' Reilly. I really appreciate the gesture and certainly understand the delay, especially in light of your friend's plight.

It's during such times when we need the love of friends and family to carry on, to overcome our battles and obstacles in life. Sometimes, and I was once guilty of this myself, we take friends and family for granted, forgetting just how valuable their love and support can be.

That was a difficult and trying time in my life, but I survived and prospered from the experience through the love of my friends and family, becoming a better person from the process. Thankfully, I learned my lesson and then sought to share those sentiments with others through writing 'The God Lottery.'

Lastly, I said a prayer on behalf of you and your friend. May God Bless you both. Have a great day! Adam


about 2 years ago Reilly Miyasaki said:

I am so sorry ive been gone so long! I'm a music major and its been non stop concerts and tests! thank you for your patience! I will get through as many as I can today and try and get through more swaps tomorrow!

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(about 2 years ago)

this is a wonderful piece. it really shows how we grow up and tend to forget our childhood. well done. Read More »

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(about 2 years ago)

this is a great piece full of mystery and imagination. the plot twist at the end was crazy! well done! Read More »