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  • Just winnie 5
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    Just Winnie

    Completed -- Winifred Kirby-Norton can't wait for eleventh grade to start. Mathlete, over-achiever and all-around nerd, school is Winn…

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  • Always winnie 1
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    Always Winnie

    In progress -- Sequel to <a href="http://figment.com/books/925312-Just-Winnie">Just Winnie</a> --------------------------------------…

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  • Lacey 4.5
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    In progress -- new draft started May 2017. See new story summary: -----------------------------------------------------…

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  • Streaksofred6
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    Streaks of Red

    In progress -- The students at the Divarian Academy for the Unique all have something in common - a Uniqueness. But Daisy Walsh is dif…

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  • No matter what
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    No Matter What

    Winner of the Autumn Falls Contest -- When Lola finds out that her little sister Ivy has magical powers, she swears to protect her fro…

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  • J626u8
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    Suspect 42

    Winner of the Vintage Ink Could You, Would You Contest -- Katrina made a mistake not that long ago, but she thought she was the only o…

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11 months ago Ellie Williams said:

I know it's been a while since you've seen this post, but Vintage Ink is back! We're better and stronger than ever! Care to see for yourself?


→ Interested in creating the next issue? We're hiring!

→ Want to see your stories in a future issue? We accept user submissions!

→ Own a group you want advertised? We accept advertisement requests!


11 months ago Selena Brooks said:

I'm so glad you're keeping up with The Improbability of Forever and that you're enjoying it!


11 months ago Jaigar Julian said:

Hey! Sorry for the late review! I was so drained after work yeterday... I enjoed your story a lot and I left a review of what I thought about it. I can't be of great help with grammar/syntax since English are not my native language (and truthfully I couldn't spot anything) but I can gave you my opinion plot-wise!

Thanks for the swap!



11 months ago Jaigar Julian said:

Thanks for reviewing my story, when I get home today i'll go right ahead and fullfill my part =)


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My Reviews

Finding Us

(11 months ago)

Hi there! This is for a swap. I read the first chapter and made a couple notes while reading: "They are perfectly able to see each oth... Read More »

Break Me

(11 months ago)

Hi there! I really liked this, especially your first couple sentences. They set the scene and the tone of the narrator really well. Here ... Read More »