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  • Puppeteer series legal3
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    The Puppeteer Series

    UPDATED 11/20. The Puppeteer Series is a series of shorts, explanations, and other types of writing all in one book. Readers can put t…

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  • & legal
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    A poem about the "&". Being different is good. ~~Legal Cover by Me~~

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  • How to say goodbye and other poems legal
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    How to say "Goodbye" (and other poems)

    A collection of poems. Each poem is about something I think from time to time or when the moment arises. Do any of you think about the…

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  • Between the stars legal
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    Between the Stars

    An original song inspired by the cover. Legal cover by Me. Also, inspired by Owl City lyrics :) I might sing this on my YouTube channe…

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  • Ode to a duck legal
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    Ode to a Duck?

    Title says all. ~~Legal Cover by Me.~~

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  • Arboreous
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    Nature’s restless theater. ~~Legal Cover by Me.~~

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Talk to me!


5 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Thanks for the read, comment, and reactions on "Thankyou"! Thankyou! (lol) XD

Happy writing! :)



7 days ago Caspian Vinson said:

Hey Naomi, can you put the name… Caspian Vinson on Galactic Precipice? Actually, would you mind making one cover with Caspian Vinson and another with Ja-Mel Vinson II. Not sure whether it’ll be a cover I publish with or not. Also, other (legal) custom covers. Will you be creating those on here and Underlined?

Aliceb5 (1)

8 days ago Coral Vaci said:

I've been good! And I saw on the Team U post that cover makers can make covers for others! :D (I thought you might want to know)

Sweet! Aligator Sky is especially awesome! I love humming Owl City tunes and repeating Owl city lyrics! Have you heard "Kamikaze" by Owl City? It's addicting. XD


11 days ago The One And Only said:

yeah I think it's just a matter of waiting for the new site to be up and running enough to have all the features they promise. and yeah, building sites and blogs from scratch is a bit of a challenge, it's taking me longer than I thought I would to get it set up. and yeah, google docs is honestly really great. I'd recommend making your cover forms in google forms, then all of your responses are automatically put into google spreadsheets. it's also a good way to create docs for rules and examples and whatever else you might need for your shop. and depending on the new site's features, you may not have to do a lot of coding. I think some HTML that's really helpful to know is the tags for links and inserting images (those are the two I use the most).


12 days ago The One And Only said:

also I was reading Underlined's post about the new writing platform and it mentioned having discussion groups? if that's the case we could easily make some dedicated to the covermaking/designing community.

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For the Love of the Sea

(3 months ago)

As I was reading, I wondered what you would rhyme with "waves" and then you cleverly came up with "sailors' graves". Very clever *applaud... Read More »


(3 months ago)

My favorite part was "Dreams that I forget by day / but in the night, won't go away." It's very true and until you said it, I never reall... Read More »