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  • Liaffon book one east seekers legal cover 3 with authorname
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    Liaffon Book One: East Seekers

    Cover by me. Updated(08/15/2017). This version is made for easier reviewing. Be sure to check the "Index". Belome Konas, age 20, was …

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  • Guardians of liaffon symbol legal
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    Liaffon Glossary

    Glossary book of novel "Liaffon Book One: East Seekers". Subject to change. Cover art by Me.

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  • How to say goodbye and other poems legal
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    How to say "Goodbye" (and other poems)

    A collection of poems. Each poem is about something I think from time to time or when the moment arises. Do any of you think about the…

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  • Someone made it stardust stars_cover2 by the one and only
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    A girl remembers her little brother as she lies on the grass and reaches up to the stars. "It's the same as pixie dust, right?" Cover …

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  • Hold on, until sleep legal cover
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    Hold on, until sleep

    ------------------------- "Can you stay here until I go to sleep?" ---------------------------------------- Monica, a young mother,…

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  • Like a fluorescent light
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    Like a Fluorescent Light

    How could something that was only reflecting the sun, create shadows on my floor? {poetry}

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1 day ago Ané said:

It might help if you just have an idea of what options you have to feel less overwhelmed. Having no options is terrifying! Your advisor might be able to give you practical tips as well

I understand. And yeah many people don't see writing as a career, they see it as a cute dream. I think if you have the talent and work hard enough, it will pay off, if this is truly what you want to do with your life. Whenever I get doubts or start freaking out, I try to think of that. There are tons of bad writers who make the big time, so why not some good writers? Just don't give up. Don't let the lack of enthusiasm on figment get you down, this isn't the best place to judge how good you are, or if people like it, because the majority of people will only read your things for something in return.

Some mistakes, unfortunately, have to be made. I've tried to explain that to my mom. Parents want to spare us the pain and hardships, but we need to grow too. The fear of failure is very normal. It just gets bad when it stops you from trying anything at all.

And I understand about them wanting you to have a steady job, they don't want to worry that you're starving. Sometimes we should be brave and do what we want to anyway. It's scary, but if it works then the rewards are great. If it doesn't, you try again, or try something else.

I rebelled so hard against working in retail, that I somehow found a foxhole into Masters, buying me some time to write a bestseller XD

I'm more than happy to help :) Anything I can do please let me know! Once I have proper internet, maybe we can even Skype if you're open to it?


1 day ago Ané said:

Everything you say makes a lot of sense, truly. I'm actually going through a similar thing, so I understand. I'm sorry that you have to go through all this, and that your parents won't let you pursue your dream. Unfortunately parents tend to do more harm sometimes the more they try to do good. Not everyone is made for the every day 9 to 5. I get having writing as a passion, please don't give up on your dream. The dilemma of course is how to feed yourself until the royalties are enough to sustain you, and that's where I usually hit a wall.

Have you explored all the job possibilities your degree has to offer?

Unfortunately I don't know what advice to give, as I'm in the same boat and looking for answers myself. I can however offer my support and a willing ear to listen.

This is probably a stupid suggestion, but can you take a break to focus on your writing? If not, I can only suggest you lay out all your options and go with the least horrible one.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful :( If I could I would make it all go away.


1 day ago Ané said:

Hey, do you need to talk? I can give you my email if you want? I'm more than happy to.

Break downs are horrible, I know. So please, I'm here for you. Don't keep it bottled up.


2 days ago NightOwl said:

Thanks for the cover!


2 days ago houli said:

Thanks so much for the cover! I love it! :)

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For the Love of the Sea

(25 days ago)

As I was reading, I wondered what you would rhyme with "waves" and then you cleverly came up with "sailors' graves". Very clever *applaud... Read More »


(25 days ago)

My favorite part was "Dreams that I forget by day / but in the night, won't go away." It's very true and until you said it, I never reall... Read More »