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over 4 years ago Kayla Thaler said:

Would you like to review swap? I am looking for actually, criticism on my story, "Demon." I will review any story you want if you review some, if not all of, "Demon." Just let me know on my wall. Thanks! Also, sorry if you have read it already, I can't keep track haha :)

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over 4 years ago Nicola said:

Heyy writers! Happy summer and hope you all are writing away and enjoying the sun. I was wondering if you’d like to swap. (Oh boy, another annoying request!! Urghhh sorry guys…I just got a bit enthralled in the haiku competition hehe…) If you could read/heart my haiku “That Lonely Person Within” I would happily read/heart/comment on one or more of your works. Thanks a bunch, and happy writing!!! Here’s the link:


over 4 years ago Chloe Calhoun said:

Hi! I was wondering if you'd like to swap. I'm entering the Ink contest which is sadly heart based. Would you mind reading and possibly hearting my piece, Let Me In? It's under five seconds and I really need hearts!


over 4 years ago Leann Parker said:

With the mass amounts of haikus running around Figment, I don't blame you for being annoyed with all these requests. Honest reviews for these are harder to get from these, and honestly that's what I would rather swap. So rather, since I have all poetry at the moment, I have a few offers that can be better on both sides.

1. A comment on a poem and a heart and/or comment on "Wallflower" (the haiku) for an honest review on any of your works

2. Heart/comment on "Wallflower" and I'll do the same for any work less than ten minutes

3. Just read and heart "Wallflower" and I'll comment on one of your works.

Just post what offer you want and which works you want me to comment on/review. It will make the swap more even and I won't have to pester you for a free read! Thanks in advance, and sorry if I've already asked you!


over 4 years ago SmileySara said:

I have a proposition for you, lovely Figgie! How would you like to read a TWELVE word long haiku, comment, heart if you like it, and in return get a lengthy comment and heart, if I like it, on any piece of yours under five minutes! You read a paragraph and I read a short story. It’s the deal of the century! If you’re game, please read “Wasted” and comment on my PROFILE with what you would like me to immediately look at in return! Mention the TWELVE WORD SWAP or I’ll think you’re a moocher.

If you, kind Figgie, decide to free read my measly piece, I would be REALLY grateful. I would probably immortalize you in song and interpretive dance. And maybe name my first born children after your username. Maybe.

Either way, thanks for considering and have a lovely day!

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