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    R I S E

    Kieran Lutz is one of the key pieces in a war between the government and the rebel group that opposes it. He has powers and abilities …

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  • Forestofshadowscover
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    The Forest of Shadows

    Deep in the Great Forest of Faerie lies a slumbering creature of Old. The creature was put to sleep six centuries ago, by the greatest…

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  • Under-the-sea_cover
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    Under the Sea

    The results of a foolish mermaid's quest for love leave her brokenhearted and awaiting a savior.

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  • Sacredsleeper_cover
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    Sacred Sleeper

    A frozen sleeper lies in ancient woods, waiting for the one destined to come and wake her.

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  • Thehuntress
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    The Huntress

    (**A winner of the Winter Writing Contest!**) A member of the Wild Hunt is hunting prey through the cold Canadian woods in effort to d…

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Clary frost

11 months ago Clary Frost said:

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Wild thoughts

over 2 years ago iio said:

HI, would you care for a swap? If so, could you please read the last chapter of " Who are you ". Please give your very honest opinion, and thoughts. I really need it, thanks!

Famouslt infamous jpeg 2

over 2 years ago FamouslyInfamous said:

Sorry if you have seen this or are not interested.

Here is a link to the group: http://figment.com/groups/31301-Wandering-Minds


over 2 years ago Karah (HAITUS) said:

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(over 2 years ago)

I like the idea of the story--fairytale re-tellings can be quite fun and inventive. Upgrading Goldilocks from an intrusive, ill-mannered ... Read More »


(over 2 years ago)

This is an absolutely fantastic piece of writing that I love very much already! From the very first paragraph of the prologue you had me... Read More »