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  • Whatwouldidogb
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    what would i do

    Prompt: If you could spend a day with a loved one that you have lost, how would you spend it?

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  • Snowforfigment
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    Dreaming of Ice Crystals

    In 1,234 words or fewer, write a short story that uses winter, snow, or the cold as a theme. What is YOUR dream? And are you taking o…

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  • Couch4forfigment
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    My Place of Inspiration

    In 555 words or fewer, write a short story about a special place that has inspired you. You have until 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, Februa…

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  • Picmonkey_image
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    Earliest Memory

    Figment Challenge Day 9: Write about your earliest memory. This is my very first memory, where I first experience the mysterious an…

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  • Tilesfromrebekahforfigment
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    Shivering Silver On My Wall

    Tell this story: you woke up to the sound of someone knocking on glass and realized it was coming from your mirror. There are dream…

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  • Blueprintsforfigment
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    A Genius Architect

    In 250 words or fewer, include the dialog, “That plan didn’t fly, genius, and now we’re short a turret.” You have until 11:59 p.m. ET …

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5 months ago Inspiration said:

Thanks for your help, but I think I'm just going to leave.


5 months ago Inspiration said:

Hi this is Inspiration, and I am a Gryffindor in Hogwarts for muggles and since you are the prefect for our house I would like to ask when the classes will be starting.

5 months ago Kyra said:

Thank you so much for your review! I think we defintley should swap more often. Have a good day! :)

Anime girl

5 months ago Maree said:

Hi. This is Headmistress Maree from Hogwarts for Muggles. Here is what's going on: . Classes start again on the 5th November, 2016. Sign up in the 'Subject Selection' discussion. . Applications for new prefects are being taken. You can submit your's on the 'Prefects Applications' discussion. New prefects will be announced on the 5th November, 2016 . The October Interhouse Writing Competition starts today! Submit your work in the discussion and earn points for your house. Competition closes on Halloween. Happy writing, Headmistress Maree

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There Are Worse Things

(5 months ago)

Bailee, Here's my end of our swap, sorry it took way longer than I thought it would. Things have been crazy lately, so I'm sorry about... Read More »


(5 months ago)

Kyra, Like I said in my review for "What a Happy, Free Soul", you're very morally sound and bold to take on a piece like this one. ... Read More »