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    A collection of quotes from various authors and characters. Some are beautiful, some witty, some sad - something about each one touche…

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    Fig Books

    A compilation of wonderful books by Figgies - to read, that I have read, and that I am reading. Short reviews/thoughts included. Cover…

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    Character names, Fig codes, book statuses, swaps, and more. Just a log of things I don't want cluttering up my bio or that don't need …

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    When Love Strikes

    ∆ FINISHED ∆ </hr> <hr> This is more like a journal entry than anything else. It's about my struggle with finding myself beautiful now…

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    Up Came a Girl

    POEM || Reminiscent || COMPLETE </hr> <hr> A poem about a girl growing up and how we change as we get older. (Previously called "Her")…

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    Now Rings the Woodland

    ∆ FINISHED ∆ </hr> <hr> There is a part of my childhood, though, and who I was then that I want to preserve and keep a part of me fore…

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Talk to me!


1 day ago Isabel S. said:


Colette[Rook] and I started a group called "The Second Person" and we would love for you to join! This groups is dedicated to exploring new writing devices, such as writing in the second person point of view! We want to challenge you to think differently and make the whole world around you exciting!

Pro pic by tony trin aster

3 days ago Trinity Aster said:

Hey, Irene, just wanted to let you know that I probably will not be able to be doing a swap for swap during nanowrimo camp, only because of how busy I'll probably be, plus my weekends are really crazy, and I don't think I'll also be able to add on lengthy reviews each time.

Just wanted to let you know and I'm sorry about this. Anyhow, how is writing going/brainstorming for nanowrimo going?


4 days ago Holly Rayne (Mystical) said:

whats your nana name? I'm Mystical_Creations (cri, this account was created when every user name i had was called something awkward) I am cabinless, though I might be with my friend too. :P btw I am alos and Aries :D


4 days ago Jon said:

Have I read any of your pieces? I think so, but I honestly can't remember.

Hate this!

4 days ago Ava Snow said:

hi irene! Nano camp is almost here ***squeal nervously/excited*** Quick question do you know if there is a spot open in your cabin? Selena, who I did nano camp with last April, is not doing it this time. So I'm cabinless :( My username is the same as figment lol

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The Blackbird's Promise (Version 2)

(20 days ago)

<b>Chapter One Review </b> || For our Swap || <b>Review as I Read</b> <b>Paragraph One:</b> - First Sentence: put a comma after “h... Read More »

WeTheGeneration Project

(about 1 month ago)

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