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    Brothers on the Beach

    A short memoir about my latest nudge from death.

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    Prose poem about my birth and the anomaly that was my utter silence.

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  • Bokeh
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    A short play in one act. A romance-infused analysis of technology's effect on modern relationships.

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    Prose poem with prompt: "Write about space."

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    The Illustrious Legacy of Mr. Jones

    Brief two-part interior monologue from Fred Jones, a fictional character created by artist Ben Folds and chronicled in two of his song…

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    A poem in the form: Number of words on odd lines = 1 Number of words on even lines = number of letters in previous line

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Talk to me!

Chromata-capture (5)

4 months ago Vox said:

Hey, i've read through a few of your works and I like the way you write. Idk why I just do :)

Hyunwoo lee_lovely day_z0blqg (4)

4 months ago A. G. Austin said:

Hi, do you want to swap? If so please read "The Little Things in Life". If you want me to read first just comment what you want me to read on my profile page. I expect to read the same amount as you read for me and please check out the description of the book before reading it! Thanks, -A. G. Austin

Link to book: http://figment.com/books/1022607-The-Little-Things-in-Life


over 2 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Could you please take a look at my story? Just copy and paste the link at the bottom :) It is only about 2,500 words total. I want to submit it to schools or something. What do you think about it?

Daisy is just a normal nine-year-old girl until her sisters suicide turns her world upside down not to mention her parents divorce. In order to help her with her anger problems, her mom buys her a diary. http://figment.com/books/841653-Dear-Dumb-Diary

Hayden casey

almost 3 years ago hayden casey said:

swap? please read "the darkness that gathers." sorry if i've already asked you!


almost 3 years ago ForestWalker said:

(this is a swap/free read request for anyone who reads this)

hey, want to swap? Can you please read( and possibly heart, but only if you think it deserves it) Burning Rage? It's a contest entry reliant on hearts, and I'm REALLY close(ok, so I need 60 more hearts, that's kind of close right?) to getting into the top ten.

oh, and please read my swapping rules if you want to swap!

Thanks, and have an awesome day(night, afternoon, morning, whatever time it is)

Sorry if I already asked you this.

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