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28 days ago Ryanne Kap said:

Ohmygoodness, I actually didn't realize that! I came on here to laugh at my old writing and just saw your comment. Thank you by the way, that's so sweet; the feeling is mutual. I was a trash writer on here but I loved interacting with awesome people like you! I'm not really active on other sites, but I have an account on Wattpad I can follow you on! What's your username?


about 1 month ago Aub said:

Oh you precious little angel! My username on other sites

wattpad @runningfree2

AO3, fanfiction.net and tumblr @warqueenfuriosa which has all my fanfiction works (and tumblr has a proper messaging system! yay!)


about 1 month ago Rose Ink said:


Thanks for reminding me to move my stuff off the site lol. I'm still working on Olive Juice, slowly but surely. I'm currently on Wattpad (@Rose_Ink) if you would like to keep reading! Thanks again :)

Screen shot 2017-11-08 at 4.40.19 pm

about 1 month ago Rebekah Fowler said:

Hey hey! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I will not be making the transition. Figment is symbolic of a very complicated period of my life (middle school - early high school), and now that I'm a college student (!!!) I think it's important I let this community go.

However, I'd love to keep in touch! I am currently focusing on my YouTube channel (RebekahSings) and I am fairly active on Twitter (@rebekahdreams) so if you are a part of either of those platforms let me know and maybe we could connect there!



about 1 month ago Hannah B. Nanna said:

I'm around, just haven't written anything new lately. :) I'll probably move to the new website when it opens, my go-to username is simbaisloved so that's probably a safe bet to look for :)

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