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5 months ago Maryam Naz said:

Hey! Sorry I just saw your the 100 too! Hope your ok and chat soon x

Proflile picture 7-24-15

over 1 year ago Vivacious said:

Hi there! Today is comment day, a day where all figgies post something positive on other's walls. Would you like to help us spread the word?

And your about me is ADORABLE! Some of those made me tear up. :'( Stay awesome!

xoxo, Maddy


almost 2 years ago Alexandra Kay said:

Of course I remember you! How could I not? Thank you for supporting me so much! It really means a lot, and it actually helps to keep me motivated to write. I got sick for a week and a half and had so much make-up work for college that it threw me into a major funk and I haven't been writing too much. I've just started to get back on track, but I have my final exams coming up in two weeks, and, of course, all the teachers have to post that the final projects are due this week. Yay. So, once I get all that jazz under control, I'm going to just write my hands off. I've been brainstorming a lot of different ideas for "Catch My Breath" and I'm really excited to continue with it, and it will keep you hanging;) Again, thank you so much for your support, and I hope you'll continue to support my writing in the future. It really means a lot. If you ever want a swap, feel free to ask anytime.

I'll contact you when I write more of my story, ya know, if that's okay with you. I know you can see it on your desk, but I personally don't use my desk that much on Figment and I don't know how much other people do either.


about 2 years ago \(` ^ `)/ said:

Hello, I don't know if you really remember me or not, but this is Fang (the story with my friends' deaths you read a month ago).

I appreciate the read and the comment. To be honest, I was going to quit Figment... mainly because it brought back too many sad memories... but something just got me to get back on.

idk... but all the same, thanks.


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