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    Mending the Turnwaters

    This is my entry for the #DysfunctionalFamily contest. It's about a girl named Lizzy who was adopted by a paranormal family called th…

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almost 2 years ago glitter said:


almost 2 years ago glitter said:

Want some good old fashion country fun? Then head over to The Figgie Farm!Join the fun here: !


about 2 years ago glitter said:

Could we swap?

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about 2 years ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Please read my short story 'The Red Piano'. Comment or review, heart it (If deserved), give an emotion (If deserved). I will do the same and read anything around the same time length. Thanks, and have a nice day!


P.S: If you leave a review, you may only get a comment in return. Sorry. Also, please leave a review or comment on my grammar and spelling, but please still add details on what you thought of my book. And if you tell me you liked the story, please tell me why, I would like to know what I should change/add. *NO ONE LINERS!!!*

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