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over 1 year ago Kayla Margaret said:

Hi! Are you stuck on a story? Want more hearts? Comments? Reviews? Do you want a faster way to make your stories go viral? Or just need General Creative Advice? Well, if you fit any of those groups, you're in luck. Join Creative Advice! Creative Advice is a group to read,comment,review, and heart eachother's stories. The more people we have, the higher chance of YOUR stories becoming viral. So what are you waiting for? Join Creative Advise!

For More Info, visit the Creative Advice Figment website or contact Mystical


over 1 year ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I’m working on a new novel called Vision Zero and I’m trying to get feedback to make it better. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!


about 2 years ago Renn Ferring said:


over 2 years ago Rachel Maller said:

Hey fellow fig, if you could take a minute to check out one of my stories and possibly give some feedback that would be greatly appreciated and make my day. Best, Rachel


over 2 years ago Alec Moyes said:

Hey, I've been off this site for a while, but I just started a new profile, and was wondering if you'd like to do a swap for the beginnings of my story, "Any Heart that Still Beats," about a mortician dealing with his delinquent brother and his own employer's shady business. Enjoy!

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(over 6 years ago)

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First very very powerful. You are a very good writer, and this story spoke to me and my other freind reading it. I could not find anythin... Read More »