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over 1 year ago Elizabeth said:

If you're interested, I would very much care to swap with you. You're welcome to read any of my writings (preferably Across, but if you're not into Star Wars, that's okay, pick another). Let me know which of your writings I should read if you chose to swap with me. Thanks!


over 1 year ago Kaitie said:

Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to swap. I just started working on a new story, Hoist the Colors, and it's a rough draft, but it could use another eye to catch mistakes I've made and to see if it all makes sense and flows well. Also, I've realized that I jump tenses in my writing (something I've been trying so hard to work on haha) so if that happens a lot in this story, my bad, I'll fix it. That was long, but yeah, if you're interested, just lemme know what you want me to read in return! Thanks so much! -KC

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over 1 year ago Ruby Rae Daniels said:

Hello! I'm trying to get the group, “The Dreaming Corner", up and running again for the summer!

If you want a cover, let me know (or if you know anyone else that would like a cover)! I have a fancy-smancy (LOL) Cover Boutique open there too.

If you have any questions, just let me know! Thanks and happy writing! -Rae :D


over 1 year ago Zoey NB said:

Hello Lola! I am in the neighborhood looking for some feedback on my newest story Bad Input. As this is for a class assignment due May 5th, I ask that you respond as soon as possible. Anything you have to say is greatly appreciated. (Comment on my profile whatever you’d like me to read.) Thank you for your time, and have a good day.


almost 2 years ago Madison Cipriano♥ said:

Hey there! Care to swap? If so, could you please read and comment on "Tell Me the Story"? Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Please leave a comment on my wall of what you would like me to read in return.

Madison Cipriano

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