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about 1 month ago Coral Vaci said:

I'm sorry to bring these news but Figment is officially going to shut down and move to Underlined.

Read this:

(If the link doesn't work then it's on the figment home page, "Figment is getting Underlined.")

Please don't lose all of your hard work! Back it up ASAP and spread the word!


6 months ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Danka SO much for the follow! You don't know how much that means to me! :D

Aliceb5 (1)

6 months ago Coral Vaci said:

Thanks for the follow!


6 months ago Laurel Zyvoloski said:

Hi, Jenna. I'd love to swap. Let me know what I can read for you. Thanks, Laurel


8 months ago Harley Quinn said:

My friend is away for testing and I want to shock her socks off!! I'm trying to get tons of people to join her group and I was hoping you could join!! You don't have to do anything in it if you don't want to but it is certainly welcome

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