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    Page 105

    This is the story of a boy, a girl and a bookshop.

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    Talking To Gravestones

    <b> Currently redrafting </b> Following the death of her boyfriend Max, Rosalie Kelly has felt like a broken girl. Despite the encour…

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    Leading A Clan

    A lot has happened lately. I witnessed the death of my teacher and leader. I saved my boyfriend from oblivion with a power I never k…

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    Avenging His Death

    The third book in the Necromancer Trilogy.

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3 days ago houli said:

Sort of - what I meant is to maybe consider emphasizing what kind of relationship you mean it to be. Like if you're going for a warmer, teasing kind of relationship (which I think you are) then I think that could use a bit more work because in the beginning things are a bit stiff and forced sounding. It's nothing major, just what stuck out to me. Other people might not notice it at all, so I guess it's more of a personal opinion. Play with it if you'd like.

As for Page 105 making it to publishers - from what I've read so far, I definitely think so! I mean I don't know much about what it takes to get there because I'm kind of on the same path (I'm around the same age as you too, not even 18 yet) and wondering if I have what it takes. But as a reader, I would so pick this book up and give it a read if I happened upon it.


4 days ago houli said:

Shut up that so rad! I hope things go well and I'm honored to have a hand in helping you out :) Do you already have most of it written?


4 days ago houli said:

Yeah, I start monday. Yikes. And I know, juggling school along with everything else will definitely be a challenge! I'm sure I'll be able to keep up with our swap though, it's been so helpful to me and I'm for sure not putting aside writing during school. Enjoy your last weeks of summer!


5 days ago Paige Johnson said:

Done. Your turn. You could read Brat if you want instead. I think you'd like it better.


5 days ago Paige Johnson said:

Hey, I'm promoting my story Lenore. The first ch is about 7 mins. Would you care to do a comment/rev swap? Lemme know. Thanks.

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