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    Page 105

    This is the story of a boy, a girl and a bookshop.

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    Talking To Gravestones

    <b> Currently redrafting </b> Following the death of her boyfriend Max, Rosalie Kelly has felt like a broken girl. Despite the encour…

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    Leading A Clan

    A lot has happened lately. I witnessed the death of my teacher and leader. I saved my boyfriend from oblivion with a power I never k…

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    Avenging His Death

    The third book in the Necromancer Trilogy.

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3 days ago houli said:

You're so welcome! Glad it's helpful. And thanks so much for your latest review on Ghost! Glad to hear it was a good chapter because the last ones seemed rather dull. If you don't mind, I would love it if you let me know in your next review what you think of the characters :) Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to hear for Page 105!


7 days ago Douglas said:

I saw your latest comment on my profile. Could you provide me with your designated email address for exchanging writings by email? Thank you for your interest in my writing.


8 days ago Douglas said:

Hello E.W. Hemmings,

I don't plan to join Underlined or Inkitt at this time. Would you be open to doing swaps via email?


10 days ago houli said:

ok rad! I guess I'll give underlined a go then :) Meanwhile, I'll try to get to the next chapter of Page 105 soon!


12 days ago houli said:

Thank ya for the review! So figment is a goner. I would love to continue our swap - your insight has been very helpful to me and I hope mine has been of use to you too! Are you planning on moving to underlined or a different site? I haven't decided what to do yet - currently underlined looks awful, but maybe the site isn't finished yet. I've been checking out other sites and may have found a few good ones. Let me know what you think, and absolutely no worries if you're moving on :)

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CHAPTER 6 Let's get straight on with the notes then, shall we? - 'and warm fingers' - I'd maybe add 'his' into this sentence for i... Read More »

The Red Scarf: Poetry Novella

(2 days ago)

I've read half of the poems so far, (for longer works I tend to do them in chunks)and while I still think you have some work to do you've... Read More »