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    Page 105

    This is the story of a boy, a girl and a bookshop.

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    Talking To Gravestones

    <b> Currently redrafting </b> Following the death of her boyfriend Max, Rosalie Kelly has felt like a broken girl. Despite the encour…

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    Leading A Clan

    A lot has happened lately. I witnessed the death of my teacher and leader. I saved my boyfriend from oblivion with a power I never k…

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    Avenging His Death

    The third book in the Necromancer Trilogy.

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7 days ago houli said:

Yes I did see it - thanks so much!! I’m stoked you like it! I have two other pieces of it up right now so I would love to hear what you think about those too. And it’s my pleasure to review page 105 I honestly love to read it! How many more chapters do you have to upload??


12 days ago houli said:

Dang you really did roll out the chapters! I'll do my best to get to them before Figment shuts down. If it doesn't look like I'll make it we'll figure something else out. No, I don't have another chapter of Ghost up yet :( Typical meg is stuck on the plot again lol. I would love some feedback on Villain though!


22 days ago houli said:

Ah thanks so much! You too! I suppose it's now more like happy New Year though huh?

Anyway, I see that Figments deadline has been extended again lol. Guess that means I'll try to cram in a few more reviews for you! :D


about 1 month ago jaz said:

thanks:) my email is jazjaz36@yahoo.com

anyway let me email you to say that its me. so what are your plans for when figment disappears?


about 1 month ago jaz said:

hey there EW. do you remember me? I like to stay in touch with you if you like after figment disappears, so will you be willing to swap emails?

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My Reviews

Villain: The Notorious and the Noble

(3 days ago)

I'm back for more, and you didn't disappoint with this one! I particularly loved Gray's insults towards Void, specifically describing him... Read More »

Villain: Bank Heists & Pretty Girls

(8 days ago)

You know how much I love your writing, and this was no exception! I was basically drooling reading it, thinking 'THIS IS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD... Read More »