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  • Heraldry
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    Future Comic Book Ideas

    I am currently working on a superhero comic book universe with a friend of mine. As I think up new ideas, I like to write them out in …

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  • Exile cover page
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    An orphan named Zane and his half-sister Daysja meet another orphan named Kevin and a kid named Damien when they all enroll into the b…

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  • Ninja chronicles cover page
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    Ninja Chronicles

    This is the story of 10 ninja: Gary aka thesamuraiman Tien aka Kiro The Soulless Dimitri aka DASH Larry aka JRGT Alan aka Chaos …

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  • Cover-normal
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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's part 2

    This is a Yu-Gi-Oh fan-fiction that I started with one of my friends back in 2010. We don't talk anymore so it can't really get finish…

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  • Kunoichi_poem
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    Poem Assemblage

    This is just a bunch of my poems all together. Random poems. Poems of despair, happiness, video games, ninjas, love, animals, etc...

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  • Book cover
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    Song Book

    These are some of my songs all in one place. I enjoy writing songs. Also, me and my friends are soon to make a band. There are 8 of us…

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over 2 years ago MidnightOWolf said:

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Erza 2

over 3 years ago Neona Nyx said:

Swap? If you read my story the Hooded One, I'll read anything of yours

Img_2872 - edited

almost 4 years ago Soley said:

Hey, I'm Soley! I'm new to Figment, and I just really need someone to read + comment or review "What's the Deal With the Andrews?", I just wrote it, and I'd love some feedback. If you choose to review, then under your review just write what you want me to read, or write it on my profile. Thanks! Happy New Years (:


about 4 years ago Luna Sara said:

Could you please take a look at my flash fiction piece "Scream"? It's less than 100 words long, half a minute to read! Summary: Always there. The voice is always in her mind. This is not a horror story - this is real life. If you'd like me to read something in return, please comment on my profile Thank you!


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Wanna swap? If so please read and heart the first prologue my novel in progress called "Grim". Sorry if you don't do swaps or if I already asked you. Thanks, Sebastian S :D

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My Reviews

Shadow's Dawn

(about 6 years ago)

Well, as said, you did a review so I will attempt to review as well... A review based off solely the prologue? Yeah, well, sorry I can... Read More »

A Fight For Life

(about 6 years ago)

My first review... Let's see... 1) In the first sentence, you wrote "Before i get". You forgot to capitalize the "I". 2) "my initial... Read More »