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  • Pocket forest cover smaller
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    Pocket Forest (Excerpt)

    Originally published by Deathless Press Aug 2013, now available as an e-book on Amazon. Since childhood, Harriet has dreamed of explor…

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  • Hereisaheartdone
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    Here Is a Heart

    When Bentley couldn't get a donor heart, his mother did the only thing she could do - she shifted into one.

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  • Cover2
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    Boys and Bees

    When Lorabeth decided to fall in love, she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Unlike the bees that she trained, boys were strange, unpre…

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  • Coolman
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    Birdcage Girl (Excerpt)

    [Complete. Seeking Publication] 16-year-old Ashlyn spends her days locked inside a birdcage contraption built by her overprotective mo…

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  • Woah
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    The Princess & Her Shadow

    *Complete* Jane heard the story of the heartless prince countless times..... (Cover Art by Lavenda Memory)

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  • Noodledom
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    Afternoon at Noodledom Palace

    Welcome to Noodledom Palace. Please present your token and choose a door – have a nice time travel.

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8 months ago Karla said:

 photo 134790130715985-2_zpsf56631db.jpeg

Check out my new story. Agelica is a normal girl,living a normal life, her only worries are school, her sickly mother and her younger brother. One day she will find out that this worries are nothing compared to the mystery that her life will turn out to be when Kian and Damien two mysterious guys start attacking her with suspicious events.


over 1 year ago Ivy said:

Hi there! I just added a couple of chapters to The Silver Umbrella, and I'd love to hear what you think of it. It's pretty long at this point, but if you get around to reading at least part of it leave a comment on my wall and I'll check out one or more of your stories.


almost 2 years ago Patrick Turner said:

Please come and read my story Stained Red, the touching story of the death of an anonymous soldier. Plagued by the guilt of leaving his family and friends behind, the story can touch the heart of the coldest person. Most certainly worth the two minutes it takes to read. Thanks! -Patrick Turner

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almost 2 years ago Amelia Markey said:

Submit your entry at Vintage Ink today!


almost 2 years ago meg said:

I read the first few chapters of "Love Fortunes and Other Disasters" here on Figment when it was still "We Could Fall in Love," and then on Swoonreads so I could read and review the entire book. It was amazing then, and it is amazing now--yesterday, I was able to buy it at Barnes & Noble and was so, so excited to see how beautiful it has become. Waiting for my favorite parts as well as seeing new things, even little things, was such a joy. I fell in love a second time with Grimbaud (and remembered how swoonworthy Sebastion is) as I read. Congratulations a hundredfold.

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Dark-side Dreaming

(over 2 years ago)

Christina!!!! Sorry I'm late, but I'm so glad you let me read this adorable story. I love that Rapunzel and the prince are siblings (that... Read More »

Charm & Contention

(about 3 years ago)

Chapters 1-13: Ahhh, what a cliffhanger! We've come full circle with the scene you started off with and I'm dying to know what's goin... Read More »