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  • Apple blossom
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    Apple Blossoms

    **PLEASE READ AND HEART!!!! Goal: 500 hearts?!** (FINISHED!) Ethan Hand moved away at the end of 7th grade. He was Noelle Fink's be…

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  • Befunky_jar of hearts
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    Jar of Hearts

    When Evelyn Scott and Max Luther reach their summer camp, they don't realize that they are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.…

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  • Befunky_sing from the soul
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    Sing From the Soul

    * PLEASE READ AND HEART!!!* 2nd place winner! :D Lacey is just a normal girl until she gets pulled into the world of wood nymphs. The…

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  • Letters to the soul
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    Letters to the Soul

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  • Befunky_paralyzed
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    Was for the Seventeen Magazine Contest Lilly has been paralyzed from a car accident and is now facing a horrible life. Her friend has…

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  • Understand
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    Just something that I was feeling at the time about how no one really understands who you really are.

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almost 2 years ago Anna Browne said:


I am looking for someone to help me edit my latest novel, BETH. (This is not an ordinary swap request.)

The story revolves around 4 main characters: Henry, Adriana, and Celia are all psychics that are connected in a way they don't understand. They are running from a secret unit of the government called BETH. They don't know why the organization wants them, and they don't know about each other.

Their story is all told in the third person, however the 4th protagonist, Karina, is told in first-person narrative. She is a part of their history, and their destiny, whether she knows it or not.

I am looking for someone who would be interested in extensively reviewing and editing this book for me. There are 33 chapters, with exactly 55,500 words.

In return, I would like to extensively review and edit a novel in progress or a finished novel. I have professionally edited many novels for the past 6 years, however as many writers come to realize, editing your own work is nearly impossible.

My services generally cost over $1,000 for a 50,000+ word novel. But since I am looking for something similar, I am asking this swap request for a select few Figgies.

If you are interested in this trade, as it is very mutually beneficial, please let me know on my wall.

Thank you,

Anna Browne

(Mermaid Annabella)

Bahn sister

about 2 years ago ~CRK said:

A journey beyond time 5 individuals' lifes connect through a mysterious journal Do the things they seek lie within each other? Themselves? Or some other mysterious force? The most unique book of the year, featuring a story in letters, narration, and interesting events. BEYOND THE FURTHER SEA What happens when different worlds and times are preserved in a sacred place? Read now before it's published and follow the story...


over 2 years ago Cate Eliot said:

Hello there fellow spell caster. I'm looking for a swap and feedback on my Harry Potter fanfic "Nurmegard Chains" that I've just put up on Figment. Thanks a bunch! CE


almost 3 years ago Selena Brooks said:

Hi! Would you be interested in a swap? I'm looking for reads on the start of my new realistic fiction novel, Kismet (Not) . If you would be interested in reading and leaving feedback, I'd be sure to do the same for you!


almost 3 years ago Allaway said:

Hi! I was wondering if we could swap? You can read any of my stories and it would also be helpful if you commented or review. Thanks!

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(over 4 years ago)

Okay, so first off this is really interesting. I like the concept and after reading the prologue, it left me wanting more. One sugges... Read More »

The Eternal Flame

(over 4 years ago)

Alright, so I like the concept. The beginning got me curious as to what had happened to them to be caught by a giant. There were a lo... Read More »