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    Love on the Islands

    Gladion and Moon over the years have gotten to know each other since they were children. Over that time love grew and their lives were…

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    We Said We Wouldn't

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    Celeste and the Trials at Heart

    Everyone is born with a glorious purpose that no one knows about yet. For Celeste Papilio, her glorious purpose was set out for her lo…

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    White Fire

    (BOOK TWO)It has been a month since Drago has been sent back to Elemental Prison yet he still haunts Toni in her dreams. Will she eve…

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    Elemental Academy

    ( BOOK ONE) Elementals are outcasted in the world as mutants and freaks, who are dangerous. There is nowhere on Earth for them to be s…

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    The Struggle of Being a Weapon

    Just because she's a Reaper and Lord Death aka Death the Kid's daughter doesn't mean she's very good at being a weapon. DD has a lot t…

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Cute wolf

19 days ago Max Levi said:

With figment ending I don't want to loose contact with all of the awesome people here. You can reach me at my new Wattpad, Maxi9867


21 days ago Mama Cat said:

Even though Figment is ending, I still want to keep in touch with all of the awesome people here. My Wattpad is MamaCat776


about 1 month ago fawn said:

Ayyyy! Do you have like a twitter or Discord or Tumblr? I'd love to keep in contact since figments about to go poof


about 1 month ago fawn said:

Hey AC how are ya it's been a long as while

A better omega symbol

2 months ago jason (NO SWAPS or group ads) said:

Just so I'm sure, was it you who I did that teen titans roleplay all those years ago?

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My Reviews

Escaping the 'Home'

(almost 5 years ago)

***READ THIS FIRST***I understand that it sounds a lot like the Maximum Ride novels but don't judge it so quickly. If you keep reading it... Read More »

Hawkwings School for Dragon Riding

(about 6 years ago)

I will continue writing this when I find where I left my book. Because you see I wrote this a long time ago and I put it in a notebook...... Read More »