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over 3 years ago raindrop said:

Hi Matthew! I dug through a lot of my wall posts and found your comment concerning dark poetry. Funny; I now find myself in essentially complete agreement with you. Anyway. Just dropping in to say hello or something to that extent!


over 3 years ago Ae Clane said:

hello. please comment, review and/or heart "Time Machine" and "DEMON." Thanks in advance!

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about 4 years ago EliAna said:

Are you doing anything on Figment any more? I haven't heard a thing from your corner of the cyber-realm and I wondered. I hope all is well.

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over 4 years ago Phantom Angel said:

Well, hello Matthew! What a pleasant surprise. So you do still check out Figment :) I remember those college days and the work load too. Upper grades certainly have more challenges. It's amazing that you find time to write with your busy schedule. I must confess some of those memories may be a bit hazy. I remember the highlights well and don't dwell too much on the more stressful times :) Lately my high school sophomore has been staying up quite late (midnight) to do school work. As she has to get up early for band, that only gives her 6 1/2 hours of sleep, which is a couple hours short of what would be recommended for her age. So that makes me a bit anxious for her. I can't remember if I used to stay up that late in high school. I should check with my parents, lol. I do remember staying way past midnight to watch American Movie Classic on weekends or reading under blanket with flashlight after my dad insisted I go to sleep & turn off the light. (nerdy rebel!) By the way, there's a photo I'd like to email to you, something we both like which I finally had a chance to photograph. Perhaps now you might even have guessed what I'm referring to. If not, it will be a surprise. Is your email address still current?

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over 4 years ago Phantom Angel said:

Hi Matthew, congratulations on having your "Ode a al Feuille Morte featured amongst the "Fall Theme" selection on the Home page. You've must have been extremely busy, perhaps working on publications? I haven't seen much activity from you for quite a long time.

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