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    The Solitary

    Ani has been alone her whole life. But what will she do when she experiences a <i>different</i> kind of loneliness?<br>For Figgy Idol,…

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  • The_heart
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    A second-person account of the life of someone with social anxiety. For Figgy Idol, Round Eight.

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    Second Chances

    Entry for Figgy Idol, Round Seven.

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    The Dark

    Entry for Round Six of Figgy Idol, Season Four.

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    A Little Snag

    Entry for Round Five of Figgy Idol, Season Four: "You're Talking In Riddles".

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    In The Bleak Midwinter

    Entry for Round Four of Figgy Idol, Season Four - Feel This In Your Heart.

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Aliceb5 (1)

9 days ago Coral Vaci said:

UPDATE ON FIG - Underlined is going to keep Figment live until the end of the year! (12/31) We have been given an EXTRA month!

Please Read: http://www.getunderlined.com/read/underlineds-new-writing-community-is-launching-soon/

Also, read this thread on figment to ask questions and make suggestions to Team U! --> http://figment.com/topics/676318-Meet-Team-U-Ask-Us-What-You-Want-to-Know

Please spread the word! Figment has been given more time!


12 days ago The One And Only said:

also I've followed you on pinterest as well if you'd like to keep in touch that way too. My user is Youralienfriend ^-^


12 days ago The One And Only said:

ah I'm so glad you like it! if you eventually decide to change the title just let me know and I can create another version with the new title. and thank you so much for giving your email! I will definitely send you an email soon so that you have mine as well, I'd love to stay in touch during this transition from Figment to Underlined.


12 days ago The One And Only said:

sorry for the wait, here's the cover for We The Fighters! I can create other options as well, I just wanted to get this one to you first because it's completely legal ^-^



20 days ago The One And Only said:

ah yes I'd love to create a cover for your NaNoWriMo novel! I apologize for my late response, I have been too busy to be very active on Figment as of recently. I'm sad that it will be moving but excited to see the new platform. If you give me more information about your novel I can hopefully have the cover finished soon ^-^

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My Reviews

Komorkis (The Moon)

(8 months ago)

OVERALL Ooh, this is really good! It can be hard to find a really good poem, and this is definitely one of the better ones I've seen h... Read More »

The Waiting Room

(9 months ago)

OVERALL Phew. That was a fantastic read, and I can't wait to see more of it. Love the idea you have going, and the way you put it down... Read More »