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    Hey guys! I'll be listing any swaps I owe or any swaps that people owe me here in this book to keep it all organized! Thanks! ©

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  • Elphyra cover
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    Fire and water don't mix. Elphyra and water are even worse.... ~~~ Tomika Brigaile is the sum of a sad, parted family. Tomika never …

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  • Fate club
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    Fate Club

    Ronnie Spence is just one of your quiet, shy, nerdy girls. Leo Workman is the bad boy who would never talk to her. Yet, fate seems to …

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    Haven: Hit at the Eiffel Tower

    5:19- a moment no one will ever forget. Especially Clara and Fayette. ~~~ "Actually thrilling." --Benni M. ~~~ *(will publish ano…

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    Winnetango Kingdom

    Poor animals, held hostage against their will, but little do they know, their lives will be changed through multiple ways of technolog…

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  • Ditloadg1
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    Diary in The Life of a Dancing Girl

    Bella Marie Baker's dream is to be a professional dancer. At a party, she mentions this dream to a stranger, who says that he has cont…

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Talk to me!

Wings of an eagle profile

9 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

So a fellow fig recently inspired me to go manic... (something I never expected to do..) so I created a group called, "The Snorting Society".

Awesome right? My thoughts exactly! (don't worry, I'm still 20 percent sensible..)

Therefore, this is a formal *snort* (..or maybe not so formal..) invitation to join the ranks of nutcases! LOL...

You are probably wondering if there is anything worthwhile in a group dedicated to snorts...well there is!

We have: (or will soon have)

1.Games 2.Contests 3. reviews 4. snorts (you knew that was coming) 5. discussions 6.weirdness 7. swaps 8.awesome stuff you wont find anywhere else!!

Hope to see you there soon! My most sincere and snorty apologies if you chance to hate spam!!! ~Willow


12 days ago Trin Aster said:

Hello! I left a bit of a scatterbrained review on Timekeepers with secrets, but I hope it helps. If you could read and review High Priestess of the Blue that'd be great.

Thanks for swapping!


15 days ago Trin Aster said:

Oh haha, yeah I just keep it there so I don't get too much spam, although I still get requests O.o

Well, haha, I was wondering if you could read High Priestess of the Blue(first book on my page, easy to find) And I'd be willing to read something even length in return, and I'm fine with going first since I asked.


19 days ago Trin Aster said:

Hey no problem.

Btw you wanna swap?

Profile pic

22 days ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

Children is the one I would like to swap. I will read yours right now. Sorry it took so long to respond.

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My Reviews

Jeff the Killer

(24 days ago)

This was a very well put-together book. I enjoyed the plot. It was very good. But you definitely need to work on grammar. Nothing is wron... Read More »

A Wielder's Trials

(26 days ago)

Hey! This was a very nice prologue! First things first, I am not a critiquer. I personally love telling people what they did right, not t... Read More »