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    The Circus

    The only way to destroy the system is from within.

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  • Dearest readers2
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    Dearest Readers,

    If you haven't heard the news please read:

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  • Reality
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    Beautiful cover by A.D. Emile {Kyron} - What are you running from?

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  • Catit2
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    Cassia and the Iron Temple

    A short symbolism story and maybe a memoir - of sorts - of a certain ten months of my life. Feel free to draw your own meaning.

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  • Liberation7
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    A conclusion to "Cassia & the Iron Temple"

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  • Mirrorsd
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    It's time to break free of old habits. __________________________ About half of the population of Eyrasid have the ability to commu…

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Talk to me!


about 16 hours ago Defiance Dagger said:

Okay, thanks! I'm already using Canva, but now I think I'm going to check out Unsplash. Getting a little bored with Pixabay.


1 day ago WingsofAnEagle said:

D: D: D: lol

Sure! I dont remember how, exactly-- but I got a huge gouge on the roof of my mouth, and it hurt-- a lot. O_o Whenever I talked, it would sting becuz ma tongue would touch on it or something. The sucky thing was that I knew it was going to take ages to heal.(mouth injuries always seem to take forever.) Anyhooooo, I prayed for quick healing, and when I was finished my Mom came in and asked me a question. I answered and we got into a conversation with her. It was only a few minutes later thag I realized my mouth wasnt hurting at all. I tried to find the cut, but it wasnt there.. there was no pain whatsoever. I even had my Mom look for it. But it was GONE.. o.o

Nu, ma family doesnt know. Im going to make a submission, and ill tell them IF I get accepted. O.o Thankyouuusss! :)



1 day ago Defiance Dagger said:

Just wondering, do you make your own covers? THEY ARE AMAZING!


2 days ago wolfgang said:

i honestly don't know what i'm gonna do. yeah, i might join underlined.


2 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Mad Creep Named Willow: Dats beyond me.. *google eyes* ..I tink Im going to drop into dis corner.. *plop* ..eats de best chips in de workd called all dressed ruffles. Nom nom.

Whoaaaaa. That's pretty amazing. O.O I believe I experianced a miracle once.. though I'm not sure wut to think of it. It was weird. O.o

I knoww.. right? Xd WhY do we NeEd To Pay to bE cReaTive? :D

Yuh, those things are so annoying tho. We'll see. I'll probably do it when I'm bored.. lol! I dont exactly need the account, I just made it cuz I was bored.. o.o XD XD XD

Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof (beacuase Im happy)

OH MY GOODNESSSS, OH MA GOOD-NESTSSSSS! o.o >>> O.O >>> ○.○ I have this online friend named Ari, and I drew a sparrow for her upon request, and apparently she showed her college magaezine editor it, and now the EDITOR HAS COME TO NE AND ASKED ME IF I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING FOR THE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!! *crazy laughter laughter laughter* Ok ok, I'll admit it-- this is kinda a bitter sweet moment cuz I'm so scared I just read dat message wrong, or she messaged the wrong person, or something. I would NEVER forgive myself if I got all excited and then found out I'm not equal to this oppertunity. Ok ok, its not that big of an oppertunity-- but it feels HUGE! I've never done anything like this before.. xd

This is HUGE. *confetti confetti confetti* *crys*


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Spirit Rising

(3 months ago)

I read the chapters that you have currently up and this is just wow! Writing Style: Very good! You have a refined writing style with ... Read More »

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(9 months ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D I really liked how realistic this was! You had good imagery, sentence, structure, and characteriz... Read More »