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  • Corridor7
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    Larissa Wright, a young physicist is given the chance to go to an alternate universe.

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  • Rursuseaf2
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    Rursus Ea

    An accident happens in the world famous Pulsar Labs, creating rips in space, that will destroy the planet. - Dante Hardy, and Rhea Cur…

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  • Kadar1
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    The great grandson of Aladdin, finds the two genies his great grandfather encountered long ago.

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  • Vmt2
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    Vacant Memory #1

    Book One of The Vacant Memory Series - Meet Nikita, a teen who was born with the power of time travel, or was she? Memories of her pas…

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  • Vp2
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    Vacant Past #2

    Book Two of the Vacant Memory Series - One year after Nikita found out her life has been a lie she goes back in time with her time tra…

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  • Vacantlives5
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    Vacant Lives #3

    First Draft - Book Three of the Vacant Memory series. Read book one and two if you haven't to understand book three - Nikita is infor…

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36 minutes ago NF Christine said:

Okay! Ttyl :)


39 minutes ago NF Christine said:

ah okay :) I never forget to eat. 5 min is too long to go without food lol. Although everyone thinks I'm starving myself since I have a really fast metabolism


about 1 hour ago NF Christine said:

yah! XD Did you already have dinner?


about 1 hour ago NF Christine said:

haha! Same here! Right back from dinner at a restaurant. Guess what I got... Pizza!!!


about 1 hour ago NF Christine said:

me too :P (I have no life)

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My Reviews

Think Of Home

(1 day ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D I really liked how realistic this was! You had good imagery, sentence, structure, and characteriz... Read More »

Tears of the Broken

(4 days ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D SENTENCE STRUCTURE - Very good! BTW I didn't catch any grammar errors. I like how your sentences ... Read More »