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    The great grandson of Aladdin, finds the two genies his great grandfather encountered long ago.

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  • Edictscovr
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    A teen girl living in a dystopian society decides to take a stand, sparking a revolution.

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  • Has been
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    Have Been

    A young woman who has done the impossible is given a chance to fix her mistake.

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  • Aacv
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    Accidentally Aware

    Nevaeh is a software developer who works for Microsoft. Life is good. When her friend gives her a computer that one of the computer pr…

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  • Enduring (2)
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    |First Book and Prequel In "The End Series"| - Year: 2136 - It's time for the United Nations of the Globe Convention again. But ar…

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  • Enduring (1)
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    |Second Book in "The End" Series| . Just as predicted, World War Three strikes. Meet Rae a typical teen with a promise to keep to th…

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Talk to me!


33 minutes ago Roanoke Wilde said:

XD Totally going to use that term...;)


about 7 hours ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Cool! Hehe. Me and my Mom have had a lot of talks about books like that, too.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my WIP. It's definitely appreciated and kind of made up for my long, boring day. I've spent it looking forward to talking to you guys. *sighs* :)

Clary in winter

about 8 hours ago Clary Frost said:

I love your new profile picture! Do you take these pictures yourself? And no, you haven't asked about pets. I have a lazy cute dog. :)


about 12 hours ago Blackheart said:

Hey, I'd love to swap! What would you like me to read? :) And I've been doing great, thanks for asking - I don't know if I already said this, but my family adopted a dog earlier this year - we named her Hazel after tfios :3 how about you?


about 16 hours ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Hmmm...well it's hard to say, I like em' all. Proverbs IS a really good one. I might have to lean towards Genesis. It is, after all, where it all started. Even though it's sad, it's the raw, REAL history of humanity. Hehe, yeah. :)

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Alternate Us

(6 days ago)

SENTENCE STRUCTURE: Your writing style was great! THOUGHT: It seems you put lots of thought into this I am looking forward to readin... Read More »

Baby It's Cold Outside

(about 1 year ago)

Thanks Lolo I made the changes. =) Read More »