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  • Therally3
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    The Rally

    It's not called the rally of death for nothing.

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  • Corridor7
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    Larissa Wright, a young physicist is given the chance to go to an alternate universe.

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  • Rursuseaf2
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    Rursus Ea

    An accident happens in the world famous Pulsar Labs, creating rips in space, that will destroy the planet. - Dante Hardy, and Rhea Cur…

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  • Kadar1
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    The great grandson of Aladdin, finds the two genies his great grandfather encountered long ago.

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  • Vmt2
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    Vacant Memory #1

    Book One of The Vacant Memory Series - Meet Nikita, a teen who was born with the power of time travel, or was she? Memories of her pas…

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  • Vp2
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    Vacant Past #2

    Book Two of the Vacant Memory Series - One year after Nikita found out her life has been a lie she goes back in time with her time tra…

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about 22 hours ago NF Christine said:



7 days ago A.L. Lombaard said:

Hello :)

How are you? Sorry for dropping in like this out of the blue, but may I ask you a BIG favour? Would you be willing to read my WIP novel The Blackbird's Promise? I'm more tha happy to swap! And read as much as you want, I'm just looking for feedback on whether it's any good or not.

Either way, have a wonderful day!

~ Ané


7 days ago addy said:

Hey there!

Would you be interested in a swap? If so, I'd love some feedback on the prologue and first chapter of my ongoing novel The Gaea Emblem. I'd be happy to return the favour by reading anything of yours around the same length.

Thanks for your time!

~ addy, xoxo


8 days ago madd.z said:

I totally didn't even realize that you already read the poem :) whoops. You can read anything!

Thanks so much!

- Maddie :)


12 days ago Robin Nova said:

Thank you for your kind words! :)They mean a lot to me. -Robin

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My Reviews

Think Of Home

(about 1 month ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D I really liked how realistic this was! You had good imagery, sentence, structure, and characteriz... Read More »

Tears of the Broken

(about 1 month ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D SENTENCE STRUCTURE - Very good! BTW I didn't catch any grammar errors. I like how your sentences ... Read More »