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  • Catit2
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    Cassia and the Iron Temple

    A short symbolism story and maybe a memoir - of sorts - of a certain ten months of my life. Feel free to draw your own meaning.

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  • Reality
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    Beautiful cover by A.D. Emile {Kyron} - What are you running from?

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  • Mirrorsd
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    It's time to break free of old habits. __________________________ About half of the population of Eyrasid have the ability to commu…

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  • Rallys3
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    The Rally

    It's not called the rally of death for nothing.

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  • Vm
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    Vacant Memory #1

    Book One of The Vacant Memory Series __________________________ Meet Nikita, a fifteen-year-old who was born with the power of time…

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    Even More Poems

    Second Poem Collection - Mostly metaphorical poems about how life is going for me right now.

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Untitled ha

about 8 hours ago Roanoke Wilde said:

No problem! (Yes, yes they are) :)

Sounds relaxing...

Aww...sorry about that. Well...would some ENGLISH POLKA CHEER YOU UP?!! (Sorry, that randomly popped into my head) XD XD

Untitled ha

about 10 hours ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Yeah, sure! *hands you a jar of pickles* XD

My day's been fine. We went and worked out, then I canned some pickles. *shrugs* What about yours?


about 11 hours ago The One And Only said:

thank you! ^-^ thanks also for the kind comments on my stories, it means a lot (:

Untitled ha

about 13 hours ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Nope! I'm gonna make...PICKLES!!! :D

Cool! That's a nice way to spend the day! :)



about 14 hours ago Ané said:

Sounds really awesome! Unfortunately I haven't had lots of time to get to all the figment stories I want to because of work X0

Aww thank you :) Be assured I pray as well \(^-^)/

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Think Of Home

(5 months ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D I really liked how realistic this was! You had good imagery, sentence, structure, and characteriz... Read More »

Tears of the Broken

(5 months ago)

Here is the review for the swap! :D SENTENCE STRUCTURE - Very good! BTW I didn't catch any grammar errors. I like how your sentences ... Read More »