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    Kyle is just your average freshman. He hides from bullies and attempts to make through each day at school. But when he finds out his p…

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    Epic Journey's aren't...

    Epic Journey's aren't what they used to be. God has a mission for two college students. Go on a journey to find an item he needs or…

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    Bully Spell

    A group of kids who are being bullied decide to get revenge on their tormentor with a magic spell that appears in the middle of the ni…

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  • Heavenstairway
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    Looking for something funny? Read this. Kyle's parents are dead. So, how does one get back their parents? Got to heaven and ask for th…

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  • Pregnant teen
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    She's Late

    Jim and his girlfriend Samantha have a bit of a crisis. Samantha is late, yeah that kind of late. Follow the two teens as they attempt…

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  • Car_sex
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    The First Time

    Everyone's first time having sex is different and usually less than perfect. If you like humor, you might enjoy this one. "The Fir…

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Talk to me!


almost 4 years ago L.R. said:

Hey, I'm not asking for a swap, but I am wondering if you'd be kind enough to read Broken Hearts Out on Parade and tell me what you think of it.


over 4 years ago book.coffee.autumn said:

Everybody wants something. Well, I want memories. I want to tell them to my children,grandchildren, and perhaps my great-grand kids. I'm in the seventeen contest, I'd love to be in the top 10,just to tell people. How can you help you ask? Read and heart(if deserved)the Beautiful Things.Guess what? I swap!


over 4 years ago Zaina K. said:

Hey would you like to swap? Please read Leaf and I'll read anything in return :)


almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hi, I am entered into a heart based contest so it would mean the world to me if you would read my story It's Not Okay and heart it if you like it. If you don't do free reads then I am open to swapping. If you have already received this or don't do swaps I sincerely apologize for bothering you.


about 5 years ago Luke Kingsmen said:

No prob. :) I'm happy to help out.

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