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  • Doily
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    Title Needed

    What would you do if your brother was taken from you? Gianna goes onto a search to find her missing brother and unearths something tha…

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  • Voices in the dark cover
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    Voices in the Dark

    Cover Designed by: An9e1 Valerie is just an ordinary teenage girl who dreams of being a star. But a new girl comes to the school and …

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  • The disappearing girl cover
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    The Disappearing Girl

    Cover Design: An9e1 If a death omen kept reappearing in your life, how would you handle it? Would you try to stop whatever was about …

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3 days ago Johanna Opal said:

Hi! I first read your blog and saw you liked Harry Potter and The Hobbit. So do I! My favorite actress is Emma Watson and the most adorable hobbit is Bilbo Baggins! Anyways, I definetly going to Follow You and read some of your stories later (because it's nearly midnight) and I would love it if you scanned over my first chapter of "The Irish Man". It's a romance/tradgedy/adventure. I'll be updating it every day. Thank you for your patience!


4 days ago MadCat81 said:

Hey, care to swap? If you could check out 'Contempt in the Kingdom' that would be great (you don't have to read all of it since it's sort of lengthy). I'll read anything of yours in turn and give feedback! Thank you, have a great day:)


6 days ago houli said:

Thank you so much for the helpful review you left on Ghost! I hope you enjoyed it :)


8 days ago Tasha said:

Sorry it took two days to get back to you on the Swap, I forgot I had posted on the forum I will read 1 or both of your books in return please read Hellish Fun.

For ark

9 days ago Angela Romano said:

Wow, thank you so much for the glowing review! I'll be checking over the story for technical errors for sure, and theoretically if I get accepted by a publisher they should have an editor going over it yet AGAIN, so that should get cleaned up.

Once I get all the chapters up, I'll def. be going into a fourth revision.

I'd be more then happy to read your writing back! Thank you again. :)

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Kyle Whyte

(4 days ago)

This story had failed to capture my attention. It might be a beautifully written story, but it's just not something I would have picked f... Read More »

Pink Lemonade

(4 days ago)

Great story! I have loved what you have done her, and have basically fallen in love with Merci. A few things though to look over. Maybe e... Read More »