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  • Desert
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    The Sinner and the Saint

    The year is 4821. The earth is dying, slowly. Corrupted by sin and destruction, the landscape of earth is now nothing but desert and f…

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  • Cover-normal
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    Shattered Lands

    After the shelling of the orphanage, John Krieg had little to live for. Until he realizes there is a child out there. One that needs h…

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  • 140byf5
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    Detective Todd MacArthur is ordered to interrogate a serial murderer to discover where he has hid his victims bodies, and discover if …

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  • Disciples of sin cover 1_zpsnadvxd0k
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    Disciples of Sin

    Judas Unbekannt is just a man. So is Erik Verraten. The difference is that what Judas lacks in charisma and smarts, he makes up for in…

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  • One in the chamber cover 1_zpspg1jjfpz
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    One in the Chamber, Two in the Chest

    COVER CREDS TO ELOISE MAYBELLE Amos Krieger is a German immigrant who came to the American West to start a new life, and escape h…

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  • Jack robinson cover 1_zpscd8lkdiq
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    The Mace of Dolhan

    COVER CREDS TO ELOISE MAYBELLE. SHE'S AMAZING. A young boy is selected to protect a monastery from a land of demons, witchcraft, an…

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Talk to me!


17 days ago A person said:

since figment is shutting down if you want to keep contact with me my username on instagram is partypoissonn


23 days ago StrangeVsWeird said:

Eh, I'm not too thrilled about it. I haven't taken a look at Underlined and don't really intend to.

On a semi random note...I did finally post a Raine response in Iwaku. Erm...I may have challenged what is physically possible, but...I got stuck and didn't know what else to do lol. XD

Question. Just go ahead and use Iwaku as means for communication as well?


25 days ago StrangeVsWeird said:

...haha. *nervous chuckle* No pressure, me.

Also, yeah...crazy. Still a tiny bit upsetting, but ah well. Such is life. Still curious about this Underlined, but not sure if I'll take a look at it or not.


25 days ago StrangeVsWeird said:

Rofl. Moving day. XD I've...lost sight of just when that is. I just know it's close lol

Anyway, as mentioned, I'm kinda sorta stuck with little miss Raine, but my next post will be in Iwaku.


25 days ago StrangeVsWeird said:

Alrighty. Looking good. I think we have everything we need over there now.

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So I'm assuming you just wanted me to critique your skill in writing fight scenes, so I won't spend a lot of time messing with anything e... Read More »

The Semaj D'Nob Stories

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