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about 2 years ago RomMor said:

Hello fellow member of the MCRmy, We're bringing back the annual lyric video for International MCR Day, and this time it's going to be bigger & better than ever! The song we're going to be doing in the Kids from Yesterday. If you wish to participate, please email Bridget at to get your lyric assigned!


about 2 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hey wanna swap? If so please read and heart my novel "Grim".


over 2 years ago Nicole Sheeran <3 said:

Do you write to heal? If so you be so kind as to join my group called Writing To Heal. *Thanks*


over 2 years ago Alyssa Bolt said:

Hi! Care for a swap? Please read my quick story “THE GOLDEN MASK” or “What if…” (they’re the same; the title may have changed by the time you’re reading this message)! I apologize if you don’t swap or if you’ve already gotten this message. Thank you so much for your time, and have a great day! (: Sincerely, Alyssa Bolt


over 2 years ago Briana Colfer said:

Hi, Would you like to swap with me? My story Outlaw Love is waiting for you! As it's a heart-based contest story (Catherine contest), it needs, well, hearts. So please heart my story and I'll be so grateful to you. I love feedback. I will read, comment and/or heart any story you want in return. I always return swaps and give honest comments. Thank you!

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