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    Seven Weeks Ago

    A song writte for my boyfriend. Its about how much he has chnaged my life in only seven short weeka. He is piecing together all my bro…

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  • Heart of ice
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    Heart of Ice

    You are priceless. True love is worth waiting for, and it doesn't judge. Not how pretty you are, not how skinny you are, not how rich …

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    Cover by Rebekah Fowler

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  • Sad story
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    Sad Story

    A song/poem I wrote about a tragic love and a sad story.

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    The Tree's Song

    A sad poem I just wrote 20 minutes ago from 3/23/15 6:04 pm. :) This is really quite depressing... Thank You Nightmare for the co…

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about 1 month ago Stephanie Horror said:

Hi Bunnyboo!

And oh! Your summer plans sound promising and definitely sounds like you're going to be having a great summer. c:

I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer and have fun! I'm also sorry to hear about your parents though not liking your fiancé... v.v sighs. I hope you two still talk though and try to see each other sometime. c: Best of wishes to you both.

Oh, dude! That's what I was wanting to tell ya ^0^ I maybe have at least another plan this summer. I think my parents talked about going on another road trip to somewhere. ._. They haven't mentioned a place just yet, but they did talk about going on a road trip and taking a small vacation somewhere. I hope we go to the beach. ^0^ I'm so due for a beach vacation!

Another thing I want to do this summer is buy a pennyboard and go riding. :D But goodness, they cost so much. o.o I have to admit though, a pennyboard would be a lot more better than me than a soccer ball. ._. Last Summer, I was trying to get back into playing soccer again. When I was practicing, I was kicking the ball up with my knees and when I kicked it the second time, the ball came up and smacked me in the face. ._. x'D Major fail.

And that was the last time I touched my soccer ball. :3

Also, I know you mentioned this before, but I have to ask: so you play baseball? o: Well, softball. xD How long have you been playing? o:

I haven't played baseball since I was ten or eleven I believe. ^-^ One of my favorite games.

Alright, I hope to talk to you tomorrow and hope you have a safe and good day/night~

-Fishy, xoxo


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One Last Smoke

(about 1 year ago)

Okay... first... wow... That really gave me the feels. I can't even deal right now... That was really deep. It was really beautiful and... Read More »


(about 1 year ago)

Well I didn't have an access key for the first 2 chapters but I read the 3rd. I must say, fabulous job. I could really hear the message b... Read More »