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    Seven Weeks Ago

    A song writte for my boyfriend. Its about how much he has chnaged my life in only seven short weeka. He is piecing together all my bro…

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  • Heart of ice
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    Heart of Ice

    You are priceless. True love is worth waiting for, and it doesn't judge. Not how pretty you are, not how skinny you are, not how rich …

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    Cover by Rebekah Fowler

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  • Sad story
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    Sad Story

    A song/poem I wrote about a tragic love and a sad story.

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    The Tree's Song

    A sad poem I just wrote 20 minutes ago from 3/23/15 6:04 pm. :) This is really quite depressing... Thank You Nightmare for the co…

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Talk to me!


23 days ago Stephanie Horror said:


It's so great to hear from chu again! :D Eeeeeeeek! I missed chu so much.

I'm very sorries to hear about what's been going on in your life. =/ A break sounds much needed, maybe a vacation perhaps? Again, I'm very sorry to hear everything of what went down with your fiancé and parents. But...all is better now, right? o: I'm hoping and praying it is.

Also, you have no reason to apologize. XD I don't believe everyone's life should be on social media so whenever you feel the need to take a break or anything, feel free to! No worries there. c:

And eh, I guess. I haven't done much swapping. Well, hardly no swapping at all to be precise. Just talking with my friends on here and that's it. I'm about to start jumping into reviews here soon that I owe. I'm so far behind. x.x Kill me now. xD

Gah!!! *hides face in pillow* Did chu hear PVRIS's new album? It's just as beautiful as the other one...

And Ricky is still gorgeous too. xD :D Eh, all of Motionless in White is gorgeous. I may not stalk Ricky's media here and there...*coughs* d:

So what are you up to now? c: Anything new?

I hope to talk to ya soon and catch up. Stay safe and stay healthy. c: Take care~

-Fishy, xoxo


4 months ago Stephanie Horror said:

Hi Bunnyboo!

And oh! Your summer plans sound promising and definitely sounds like you're going to be having a great summer. c:

I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer and have fun! I'm also sorry to hear about your parents though not liking your fiancé... v.v sighs. I hope you two still talk though and try to see each other sometime. c: Best of wishes to you both.

Oh, dude! That's what I was wanting to tell ya ^0^ I maybe have at least another plan this summer. I think my parents talked about going on another road trip to somewhere. ._. They haven't mentioned a place just yet, but they did talk about going on a road trip and taking a small vacation somewhere. I hope we go to the beach. ^0^ I'm so due for a beach vacation!

Another thing I want to do this summer is buy a pennyboard and go riding. :D But goodness, they cost so much. o.o I have to admit though, a pennyboard would be a lot more better than me than a soccer ball. ._. Last Summer, I was trying to get back into playing soccer again. When I was practicing, I was kicking the ball up with my knees and when I kicked it the second time, the ball came up and smacked me in the face. ._. x'D Major fail.

And that was the last time I touched my soccer ball. :3

Also, I know you mentioned this before, but I have to ask: so you play baseball? o: Well, softball. xD How long have you been playing? o:

I haven't played baseball since I was ten or eleven I believe. ^-^ One of my favorite games.

Alright, I hope to talk to you tomorrow and hope you have a safe and good day/night~

-Fishy, xoxo


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One Last Smoke

(over 1 year ago)

Okay... first... wow... That really gave me the feels. I can't even deal right now... That was really deep. It was really beautiful and... Read More »


(over 1 year ago)

Well I didn't have an access key for the first 2 chapters but I read the 3rd. I must say, fabulous job. I could really hear the message b... Read More »