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    Seven Weeks Ago

    A song writte for my boyfriend. Its about how much he has chnaged my life in only seven short weeka. He is piecing together all my bro…

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  • Heart of ice
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    Heart of Ice

    You are priceless. True love is worth waiting for, and it doesn't judge. Not how pretty you are, not how skinny you are, not how rich …

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    Cover by Rebekah Fowler

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  • Sad story
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    Sad Story

    A song/poem I wrote about a tragic love and a sad story.

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    The Tree's Song

    A sad poem I just wrote 20 minutes ago from 3/23/15 6:04 pm. :) This is really quite depressing... Thank You Nightmare for the co…

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Talk to me!


13 days ago Brody Ziegler said:

Hey would you like to do a poetry swap


22 days ago Stephanie Horror said:

Hi Bunnyboo!

I hope your hand is healing and doing better. c: Besides that, ohh! Baseball? One of my favorite sports. xD

I didn't know you played! That's very exciting. How did you and your fiancé's game(s) go? c: How did you do? Did you have fun?

Sounds like fun. But besides the baseball games, how are you doing and how's life? c:

And yeah I've been okay. Just hanging in there, but doing better than ever. :D Right now just concentrating on my writing and listening to new music on Youtube.

Not sure if you listen to Motionless in White, but they released their new album "Graveyard Shift" yesterday and omg!!!! It's amazing!!! Well, some of the songs I've listened to are. xD I think my new favorite from that album is "Untouchable" and "Voices". c: I still have yet to listen to the others.

Also PVRIS is coming out with a new album soon! I just listened to their new song "Heaven" they just released on Youtube and omg *0* Talk about Heaven...it's heavenly xD I love this song and it's been on repeat for the past half hour. xD You need to listen to it!

Also not sure if you listen to Halsey, but she released a new song on Youtube called "Eyes Closed" and it's super amazing. :D

2017 is definitely going to be a good year for music already. It's starting out great with new music and I'm so excited for summer this year! :D

I heard that Black Veil Brides is going to be at Warped Tour this year...*coughs* xD Now if that isn't exciting, I don't know what it is! :D But I haven't heard anything else about Warped Tour though and who's all going. o.o Just Black Veil Brides because I believe Andy is going to be teaching some classes there? 0.o I don't know what classes though ._. Just classes. xD If Andy was my teacher...or if Ricky Horror was my teacher...I'd be happy to stay for detention every day. x'D Tehe.

Oh! Did anything exciting happen to you this week? c: Any plans for the weekend? ^-^

Besides the new music, I think the other main exciting thing that happened to me this week was that Netflix uploaded half of Season seven for Pretty Little Liars :D And yup. It left my Mom and I hanging. =/ But it was the best ever! It made me cry though at the last episode... v.v sigh.

Let me shut up now xD I said too much. But I hope you're safe, healing, and doing good. Hope to talk to you soon! :D

Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy, and stay beautiful!



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My Reviews

One Last Smoke

(12 months ago)

Okay... first... wow... That really gave me the feels. I can't even deal right now... That was really deep. It was really beautiful and... Read More »


(12 months ago)

Well I didn't have an access key for the first 2 chapters but I read the 3rd. I must say, fabulous job. I could really hear the message b... Read More »