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    [Novel - Unfinished, Inactive] A teenage girl, based on absolutely no one, has feelings. Written when I was younger.

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    [Novel - Unfinished, Active] Swords, Fantasy, Magic, Pretty Girls and lots of Walking!

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    Sentinel's Circle

    [Novel - Unfinished, Inactive] Old story started for NaNoWriMo many years ago. Unlikely to finish it, lost interest.

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    I Love That You Love

    [Poetry] Moving on is difficult, but it needn't be.

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    Tipsy Typing

    [Collection] It's what it says, don't look for too much hidden meaning. Hic!

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    "Slaughter, Slaughter, Satan's Daughter"

    [Novel - Just Started] Sultry grin, curves for sin. This is what he asked for, she didn't disappoint.

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18 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Sign this petition if you want them to #LetFigmentLive.

(Just copy paste url above).


19 days ago Mariella Baird said:

Most people have heard the news by now. Come join us to discuss further action.


19 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Figment is my home. I come here to express myself and make friends, and now someone wants to steal that from me. I was hurting, and am healed. I was depressed, and learnt of joy. I say, LET. FIGMENT. LIVE. If you love figment and want it to keep on making a difference, repost this onto your profile and everywhere else.


20 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Hey Psylight! I just created a new role play. Care to join? I think it would be fun! ^^


21 days ago Deer said:

Interested in a swap? Mostly have short poems/works so I can read something shortish of yours if you have. Or we can work on a, you read 2+ works for a longer piece of yours, whatever suites your fancy if you're ok with that.

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The Opera

(29 days ago)

I'm aware you didn't require a review, but since I'm a little "enamored with the bottle" at the moment, I won't risk rambling all over yo... Read More »


(about 1 month ago)

The dreary, bleak environment of a ravaged civilization is so often overused by entertainment media that it has become a default setting ... Read More »