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    Storm Gate

    [[Updated: 26th April 2017]] After her life unexpectedly falls to pieces, Charlie Tuckston drops everything and moves to the small c…

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  • Finn
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    Hating Finn Miles

    || COMPLETE || Ever since a car accident that left her with an unsightly scar running from her temple to her jaw, Eden has been happi…

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  • Newcover
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    Last Updated: ON HOLD ||| When Cinderella's beloved father dies, she is left in the care of her 'sweet' step-mother and her two step-…

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    Nobody Ever Told Me

    <br>Nobody Ever Told Me To Be Careful What I Wished For. <br> Eleanor Riston is a writer. She's not particularly good, nor particula…

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  • Beth cover
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    <b>COMPLETE</b> Beth Morgan has everything. At least, that's what everyone else thinks. Adrian Parker has nothing. At least, that'…

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  • Elementum
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    STATUS: COMPLETE <br>When Mina Hynde, a girl able to control the four elements, discovers a dying boy on her front doorstep she welco…

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Talk to me!


almost 2 years ago writer said:

I hope you will too, you definitely deserve it. :D


almost 2 years ago writer said:

You're welcome. And you are a really talented author.


about 2 years ago Arabella Starr said:

I just want to say you're talented and have a blessed and beautiful day!


over 2 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hi Esther, I'm Lexi :) I just added a few new chapters to my sci-fy romance story "Your Gravity" and I could really use some feedback. If you have the time, would you mind looking it over? Your opinion would be really helpful :) Thanks!


over 2 years ago Selena Brooks said:

Aw no problem :) We all have super busy lives haha. I definitely need to come back and check out more of your work; I was in such a rut with my books so I stumbled across Beth and then once I finished obsessively reading it, I suddenly had this inspiration to keep writing, so thank YOU. I saw you're rewriting NETM--can't wait to read it!

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My Reviews

Nobody Ever Told Me

(over 1 year ago)

@Nelora (posted on your wall but I want it to show here, too) Thank you for the review! I don't take it personally at all, you're comple... Read More »

The Summer of Cerra

(over 5 years ago)

Lizzie even though I left a comment, I wanted to be the first reviewer ;) Ugh, I love your writing style. I really really do. It's grippi... Read More »