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about 1 month ago Carlotta said:

You didnßt forget the rp, did you?


about 1 year ago Kelly Anne Blount said:

Hi :) would you like to swap?


over 1 year ago RED said:

Hi want to do a prp with me?


over 1 year ago Destiel said:

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over 1 year ago SalamanderRed said:

The Petrovna Family has sat on the throne of Karoleva for generations, and that's the way it has always been. The dynasty was founded by King Nikolai I, a commoner who led the people in a revolt against an unjust monarch 400 years ago. His sons have ruled the country ever since, and have been respected, almost worshiped, throughout their reign. But last winter, a spark of unhappiness in Karoleva led to a revolt that almost brought an end to Petrovna rule. The so-called "Christmas Revolt" lasted barely a week, but caused death and destruction the likes of which Karoleva hadn't seen for years. The previous king, Frederik II, was executed by rebel forces, and his youngest daughter, Tatiana, was murdered. Hundreds of nobles were killed, and the entire capital city, St Romovna, was burned to the ground. The rebellion finally ended though, with the royal army coming out as the victor. Now, things finally seem to be returning to normal in Karoleva. Those who fled the country are starting to return, St Romovna is slowly being rebuilt, and Grand Duke Nikolai Petrovna, the heir to the Karolevian throne, is finally turning 20, making him old enough to officially take his place as King of Karoleva. Most of the country is once again on the monarchy's side, but the Christmas Revolt's effect didn't go unnoticed. It began talk among unhappy civilians, and even inspired a few to continue on the rebels' work. Yes, it was just a small spark, but who knows, perhaps that spark may just be fanned into a flame. http://figment.com/groups/31515-Uprising-An-RP

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The Things That People Need to Hear

(over 5 years ago)

They are really good but u need to work on flow more for. If here is know flow it's distracts the reader Keep worker on it :) Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

well it is not always easy to make a happy poem but you did a pretty good job with all you need to do is edit it more and work on flow if... Read More »