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    Experiment 347

    When Experiment 347 escapes her creators, she is able to hide safely in a nearby city. Her life of "freedom", however, comes to abrup…

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Kelsey chow

about 4 hours ago Nocturne said:

I'd love to swap! Since you asked is it okay if you go first and read the first chapter of Written in the Scars? Afterwards I'll return the favor for Experiment 347!


about 7 hours ago Margaret K. Johnson said:

Hi! Would you like to swap?


about 8 hours ago Caspian Vinson said:

Hey Becka, would you mind reading the first chapter of "Fairytale" (the second chapter brings it up to 32 minutes)? Thanks!


about 8 hours ago Mari said:

Thank you so much for the review! Also, thank you for being honest. It definitely gives me something to work on! (Also, I've spent way more time editing the prologue than the first chapter, and based on your comments I guess that's pretty obvious) I would also love to swap with you more in the future, once you have more written because your feedback is really helpful. I'll get around to your piece soon! Thank you again!


about 8 hours ago ☾✥Rosalie Moire✥☽ said:

Ingenium. Sorry, I forgot to specify!

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The Dark Triad

(about 8 hours ago)

Hello Mari! I'm here for the swap. I think I'm going to go ahead and read both the prologue and the first chapter, since the prologue i... Read More »

Tarren's Way

(2 days ago)

Hi Stephanie! I just finished reading your piece, and I think that you're off to a good start. The story obviously isn't completed, but... Read More »