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    Jamie is a junior in high school. (Not a fun time for most)His world is turned upside down, when he meets Laurel, also a junior. As th…

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over 4 years ago Emi B said:

vHello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart.

I was wondering if you'd like to swap (hearts/reads/comments)

Please read my story "Trash" and I'll return the favor


over 4 years ago Catherine Hart said:

Hey, you! Yes, you, with the face! (Unless you're the slenderman, in that case... never mind, go back to whatever you were doing and ignore this.)

But anywho! You! Yeah, you! Go check out Kaelyn Morton's story "Control" I love it so far and she's a great author. So either post on her wall asking for a swap or do her a favor and just read her book for the sake of reading a book and supporting a fellow author.

Thank you, have a frabjous day.


over 4 years ago Madeleine G. said:

Dear reader,

I noticed that you enjoyed reading my short story, "Perception of Deception".

I have worked extremely hard to pass my story around on Figment and the real world to get into the finalists. And I need like one hundred more by tonight! I am so close but I think we can do it together! So I was wondering if you could find it in the kindness of your heart to either tell your friends on Figment or otherwise to stop by my profile and give a heart to "Perception". Or you could put the recommendation on your profile or both! I would be EXTREMELY appreciative.




over 4 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello, today is the last day to vote in the contest I am entered in. Would you be willing to do me a huge favor and read my story, It's Not Okay and vote for it if you like it? I need to make top ten and currently I am 11th so I could really used your help. If you do read, then I would love to return the favor. Just post what you want me to read on my wall. Thanks!


over 4 years ago Si Jia said:

Hey there! I would love it if would read/heart my story, I’m Beautiful. This is the last day before the end of the contest!!! If you want me to, I will read any one of your stories in return. Thanks!

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(over 4 years ago)

Gripping, and very strong story. It was well written and very emotionally draining. You have some good skills:) Read More »

Perception of Deception

(over 4 years ago)

I think you have a really good start to a story here, as of this selection I would say watch the rhyming, other than that? No other notes... Read More »