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1 day ago Dusty Parrish said:

Shipping can get pretty stressful, not going to lie. Plus you handle EVERY job that leaves the building so it gives you more opportunity to screw everything up. I'm SO hard on myself so that doesn't really help with stressing out so much -_- I've never really heard about shipping jobs before, or if I did I never paid much attention xD I'm actually sort of glad to have someone who understands what I'm saying with both of those majors, and the problems I had with them. Every time I tried explaining it to someone it seemed like they ignored what I was saying and made up their own reason for me not wanting to do it. And everyone keeps saying how I was torn between art and creative writing as a major when that's not the case. Everyone around me was pushing art as a major on me and I didn't want to do it. That really bothered me because it's not something that I want to do but everyone around me kept insisting it was. Ultimately it is your decision and you should do whatever makes you happy. :3 I never had that drilled into me really, so that's probably why I'm in the predicament I'm in now *nervous cackling* That's really good parental advice though

I have SO many inspiration boards on Pinterest for stories and characters it's not even funny, though I've been trying to go back through and refine things lately O.o I try to keep my boards for strictly story inspiration. My very first count I created I had boards for so many different things and it became extremely convoluted so I ended up starting over from scratch. I seem to find that side of Pinterest quite a bit too xD I used to do that during my psychology class in college because half the time the class was spent with one or two students asking a whole bunch of questions during the class that got a bit off topic and then she would send us the slides anyway so I didn't really pay that much attention during the actual class... Oops... I would usually doodle in my notebook margins too xD

I feel like it would be interesting if you were to give it a try. It's so much fun (at least I think it is) and it actually helped to get me out of my rutt too every time I made a new connection it would sorta boost my motivation to make even more connections and expand the universe even further! :3 I feel like everyone at some point low-key spoils their own story O.o I mean what I say about all your pieces (art and writing wise) Their definitely well deserved compliments to you... The mood you set in such short chapters is phenomenal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your descriptions so much! I've found a few people on Wattpad who seem to have a sort of similar atmosphere to their writing and they have the really nice descriptions like you have as well. I feel like I need to do the same with reviews xD Yeah, that would be my guess (either bad timing or they don't like the content of the story or something) and it is pretty dark as well as chaotic in some parts, though it's supposed to be like that sometimes... *shrugs* to each their own I guess *I say as I sob in a corner with a heavy blow to my already poor self esteem* A LOT of people say my writing is really dark and some of my family members have mentioned how concerned for me they are after reading the content... O.O Who knows, maybe they should be, but at least my outlet is writing, it's not like I'm committing any felonies. (Murdering characters doesn't count, right?) Sorry I have a bit of a dark sense of humor sometimes X.x I've been noticing that a lot of people haven't really been on here lately too. I'm sorta part of that 'dead' group atm as well since I'm only really active on the weekends too (because of my lack of a computer during the week and not being able to think straight from the stress of everything) That's such a good way to think of it and I keep trying to remind myself of that. Sometimes when I have my mom read my stuff (though it's few and far between that I have her do it since she's one of the biggest people who gets concerned with the content I write) she mentions things like that too. She tends to overthink things the point of making them confusing so you have to try and get as straight to the point as possible it seems (if that makes any sense? xD)

It might help to get you out of your shell a bit by sharing in class and it might help boost your confidence a bit. You could get some more constructive criticism and you might be able to meet some irl friends that enjoy writing as much as you do :3 I'm EXTREMEMLY introverted but I think taking that class helped me a bit and I ended up meeting my best irl friend in that class after bonding over our mutual love of writing! :3 Now she's studying Creative Writing in college as her major. She actually has an account on here (though she hasn't really been all that active on here) we sorta switched to wattpad to share things with one another because it was easier for us to write comments back an forth to one another on there x.x Oh wow, we didn't have to submit a portfolio to get into the class... I wonder at that point if half the kids in my class would have gotten in xD I think that's pretty much how I work (you worded it so much better than me omg xD) I usually have a TON of ideas for the middle I just never really know how to connect the dots >.< SAME! Pirates of the Caribbean is so good!! That whole series made me sorta like pirates and whatnot. Johnny Depp is SO GOOD omg, I don't know if he's my favorite per say, but he's definitely up there and I love how different all of his characters are. I have pretty good facial recognition when it comes to actors/actresses (at least I think so) but he does look so different in the majority of his parts. I missed the first 20 mins of the movie when I went to see it in the theaters and haven't been able to see it from the beginning yet 3: I honestly can't remember what year was my toughest O.o I think it might have been freshmen year for me with classes and whatnot... By junior year I had most of my credits I needed to graduate done so I was able to pretty much take what I wanted to O.O I'm the same way and that's my thoughts on the structured outlines too! xD

Ooooo, I get that. I'm trying to work that way with CbtV too. Though in my first draft I waited a super long time revealing the reason and whatnot, but there was no foreshadowing or anything because I didn't really know the direction I was taking the story xD So now I have more of a direction and am trying to find ways to incorporate that foreshadowing. When I was in school I was the same way. Now I don't have the summer vacations though so I have a week tops where I don't have obligations... X_X It SUCKS.

Sometimes that makes me nervous when it comes to villains xD Ooooo, that's interesting that you mention Bane's loyalty (it will cause him a bit of struggle in the future (about that low key story spoiling... xD) I love writing Bane, not going to lie, I love his banter with Salem xD I love hearing about the characters you like and why you like them so much! And I'm glad you like him, he's one of my favorites :3 I feel like I get that way sometimes with characters (I know more about minor ones than major ones and then I question their role in the story and whether I should switch the characters around xD That's interesting that you mention Winter originally being the MC but now it's Avery (in my story Bane was the MC, Aster was a minor character and Aviana didn't exist xD) I really hope that's the case with the plague doctor (that it'll click and people will have that *ah ha* moment) xD I feel like I've spoiled my story so much xD Lol (but at the same time I'm being vague with the spoilers like a stealthy ninja *I hope*) O.o Ghost Adventures is one of the few shows I still watch on TV xD (Orphan Black just had the series finale not too long ago, so that's out now 3: and other than that I basically just watch anime online xD though I haven't really even been doing that all that much lately O.O) I was thinking the paranormal freak a lot of people out too and that might be part of the reason my writing isn't liked because I deal with ghosts and the paranormal a lot in them xD I just find it so interesting O.O You didn't sound accusatory at all! I just noticed on my own that I sorta use it as an aesthetic O.o No worries! I used to love watching Destination Truth... Josh is so funny and I loved the dynamic between him and his team xD Well I believe you *high fives* xD Oh trust, I'm hopeless when it comes to music X.x I just came up with the lyrics, though my friend did sing how she thought it would go and it was so pretty/haunting but I lost the recording when I had to get a new phone : (

That sounds like it would be super interesting! I'll have to keep an eye out for it when I'm at Barnes and Noble in the future. I've always thought ancient Egyptian culture was really interesting and like taking things from that too.

I'm sorta picking and choosing from my favorite pieces on my Instagram to sorta give it that creepy vibe xD I'm the same way, haha I FREAKING LOVE ANOTHER!!! One of my favorite horror animes right there *flails awkward octopus arms* xD I really want to improve my art to the point of making a comic ^.^

OOoooo yeah, I think I know what one you're talking about. That's one of my favorites too, it's so hard for me to pick an ultimate favorite from her work because I love it all so much xD I mean for the most part gore doesn't bother me (unless eyes or fingernails are involved then I cringe because I feel the pain as though it were my own) I just don't find it scary when there's blood flying everywhere O.o I get so pissed at people in those types of movies too xD Psychological is way more fun/creepy to me ;3

That's what I was kinda thinking myself. That's the first time I really saw Robin reacting to something like that, even in the flashbacks from when they were children. Even from moments before Noah wasn't hiding his emotions well so I didn't think it would change that drastically then. Did you get to the chapter where Robin was pining? (I don't want to spoil anything on you xD since I'm that one scene ahead) The paper wasp experience was scarring O.O Dying wouldn't have been good, I'm glad you weren't there >.<

I think that's where I am at this point now (viewing it basically as writing xD which is why I've gotten better with it) I'm the same way xD I wasn't QUITE that bad, but usually when I tried to talk I would be ignored so I sort of babble because I think people aren't paying attention and I mutter/talk to myself a lot O.O People probably think I'm insane or schizophrenic or something... Royal purple, navy blue, sage green, sunshine yellow, chocolate brown I have a little bit of trimming that's eggshell white... My ceiling is a pale lilac purple, the inside of my closet is a pale yellow... It's crazy O.O I hate it so much x.X Which is why I've been trying to cover it with pictures O.o They can be rather troublesome (it makes it hard to have nice things because they like to jump to really high places xD) My cat (Cyprus) is super chill though, he doesn't get into huge amounts of trouble or anything, though I wish he would cuddle with me more than when I'm just trying to do something (like draw for example xD) That was the case with one of my other friends so they ended up getting some dogs instead (because the dogs' fur was more like human hair than dog fur). I love hard rock so much. I've heard of most of that, but lo-fi and trap music O.O I'm the same way xD Most of the stuff I listen to isn't cheery xD (further reason everyone is probably so concerned about me... oops) Have you heard of Enter the Haggis? They have a few songs that almost tell stories and they're really cool... There's fiddle and some bag pipes in some of their songs (I think their under the category of 'world'?) But "Death of Johnny Mooring", "The Ghosts of Calico", "Marti's Last Stand", "Noseworthy and Piercy" are some of my favorites that have a story to them "Murphy's Ashes" is cool too, but it's just instrumental :3 I'd be interested to hear the kinds of hard rock bands you listen to! SAME!! I stumbled across Fisheye Placebo first, but then I read Knite and I ended up liking it better, I have such an obsession with the stars and I hate not being able to see them xP There's so many different meanings behind the name depending on the language and I love it so much.

She is OBSESSED with horses and has done so many studies with them which really shows :3 I rode maybe 2 horses in my lifetime? I they're gorgeous animals but I tend to like the smaller ones :3

Sadly they haven't gotten back to me about my story yet, but either way they have the link now, so I'm patiently waiting xD I'll probably keep you posted on whether they respond or not :3

I'm the same way xD My dad likes anime too (though not as much as me), but my mom HATES it because the mouths don't line up with what they're saying exactly and it annoys her. I LOVE ZANKYOU NO TERROR!!! I tried to get one of my other friends to watch it but as soon as she found out one of the categories it fell under was a terrorist anime she didn't want to watch it because she wasn't into that genre... But it's so much more than that and I kept trying to explain it to her, but she wouldn't listen so I was left to fan over it on my own 3: So now you got ME excited xD I was actually in the process of rewatching it since I saw that you mentioned that it was your favorite and I was looking for something to "waste" my time on rather than writing xD I really love Death of a Raven too, not going to lie (which probably sounds conceited, but oh well xD) It's probably one of my favorite ideas that I've had (and my first story I had a legitimate description for) So I'm glad to hear it's your new favorite! I watched Pandora Hearts first (I seriously wish they made more episodes) and then went back and started reading the manga online somewhere. I absolutely love that series, probably another of my favorites that I forgot to list xD Gilbert is my favorite O.O And I wasn't sure who to ship more OzxAlice or OzxGil I kinda liked they both equally. Xerxes Break was probably my next favorite :3 I really need to go back and finish reading it, I just can't remember what site I had been on xP


7 days ago Jaye Paschen (Alysa) said:

Hi! I'm Jaye! Care to swap? :)


30 days ago conlin.r said:

Hey! Would you care to swap? I'll gladly go first! You can read "Elphyra" if you accept. Thanks!



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