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    Of the Sun and the Rain

    <b>Second Draft In-Progress</b> <br>Victorian England has one constant: death. It comes for everyone eventually and Avery Elsyng is n…

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    "Home is where I can never return..."

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    Ephemeral Ethegia

    **Not looking for critiques. It's just me (briefly) spilling my guts to get something out of my system.**<br> Today was my birthday …

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    **More spilling of my guts, but this time, light critiques will be welcomed :)**<br> Every time I see you, I write one more poem abou…

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    It Likes to Repeat

    "Then there is silence..."

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  • Illusion
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    **Yayyy more gut spilling (vent poetry) I should really just put these into one book already shouldn't I? :'D**<br> I can't believe i…

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Talk to me!


about 7 hours ago AnnaBanana said:

That's perfect, thanks! Let me know if there is a payment.


1 day ago Dusty Parrish said:

That's exactly what I'm doing right now too xD Eventually I'll go back and add more detail/clear things up, but now I have things to keep in mind for later chapters as well. Yeah! I'd love to do that for you :3 If you could review any of the first 5 things on my page (Consumed by the Void, Soulless Thieves, Darkness Falling, Midnights of Fallen Stars or Graceless Hearts) that'd be awesome, and thank you so much! That's fine, I usually don't have access to a computer during the week so writing reviews gets a bit annoying/I don't particularly do them when I have to do it on my phone xD  Have fun on your vacation! :3

Ahh, thank you! I hope the description does it justice I've been trying to get better with summaries for stories xD Consumed by the Void is what I've been working the most diligently on. It's my second draft and I'm trying to pretty much totally revamp the plot so that things connect a bit more and whatnot xD Yes, there are some areas where it gets a bit confusing, but it's meant to be that way. Slowly things will start being pieced together, but you have to keep reading it first (as you mentioned so I completely understand where you're coming from). It gets a bit frustrating, not going to lie...

It seems like every time my computer FORCES me to update (like it won't let me shut it down without updating first) that's when it decides it wants to work like a slug >_< I'm super impatient with technology too so it's rather unfortunate.

Right? Some people seem to get a bit baised about digital art not being real art (from my experience) but you need to have the talent and the eye to tell what looks good and what doesn't first and then knowing how to work the different tools. I envy people who can do digital even though I do things more on the traditional side (because of my angry laptop xD) Your welcome for the compliment :3 Woah! Really? That's so cool! I follow someone on Instagram (Nanomortis) and I think that's how they do their artwork too, it starts off traditional (with pen and watercolor I think) then they go in and edit some things in Photoshop. I think that's such a neat process! :3 I've wanted to try that out myself (but laptop, err,  lack-there-of rather)... It does take quite a bit to get used to it, it's odd not being able to see what you're drawing directly underneath you xD I'm sure you'll get the hang of it though :3


2 days ago A.D. Emile {Kyron} said:

I'm so glad :) Proud to be a part of the team.


2 days ago Audie White said:

I read up to chapter two of your story, and I absolutely loved it. I'd be glad to swap again. I need feedback on chapter two of The Heartbreak Hotel, and I'd gladly finish Of the Sun and the Rain. Also, I know my story is a bit longer, so if you'd like me to read something else as well, just let me know.

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4 days ago Noceurx said:

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The Heartbreak Hotel

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The Dark Triad

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