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  • Magic in the machine cover 03b
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    Magic in the Machine

    The year is 3135 and the future is... disturbing. Nothing is as it seems anymore. Supposedly, the Monasterium once saved humankind f…

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  • Assigned to the edge cover 02b
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    Assigned to the Edge

    After the Galactic Conquest has ended and the demonic menace all but wiped out, one warrior questions the meaning of his life. ~~~~~~…

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  • Illusion of gravity cover 01r
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    Illusion of Gravity

    A young gamer is trapped in a virtual reality battle simulator with no idea who he/she was in the real world and no idea if there is e…

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  • The world of tomorrow cover
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    The World of Tomorrow

    What seemed, at first, to be a failed experiment sets off a chain of events that changes the course of human history forever. ~~~~~~~…

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  • Rise of the iron cult cover - copy
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    Rise of the Iron Cult

    A young archaeologist falls under the influence of an ancient entity on a far-off planet. Originally an entry for the first Figgy Idol…

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  • Under the surface cover 03
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    Under the Surface

    In a world that is quick to deprive females of their autonomy, one young woman takes her life into her own hands in the only way she c…

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about 19 hours ago Fernweh Vellichor said:

Hey there! (: I just saw your comment on September's profile. I know this won't change anything for you, but, well, still I oughtta try. I'm pro-life. I don't know if there was a context in what you said; maybe there was. If there was, well, I apologize. Pro-lifers aren't full of hatred, or bigotry. We simply think that when you're pregnant, it isn't a clump of cells, but a tiny human, alive inside of you. You said in your profile, "if you're the type to discriminate against marginalized groups, trample on other's rights to their own bodies... best to just move along." Yet this is what you're doing right now! You're trampling on pro-lifer's rights to their own bodies by insulting us and speaking to us condensendingly! You probably won't read all of this. Most likely not. But if you did, thank you! You really are a Fig against censorship! But anyway, to end on a different note, just because we hold different views doesn't mean I don't appreciate you, and your writing. You're an amazing authour! :) -Fernweh ^-^


1 day ago Ellie Williams said:

You are absolutely right! My initial reaction was to tell you to post the link to your story in the Idol Chat, but that seems a bit misplaced. Thus, I have officially created a new discussion for this very purpose! You can find that discussion here.

I'm looking forward to reading what you have written! =]



2 days ago NF Christine said:

Hey there! (sorry bout the randomness) :)


3 days ago Diamond Dorsey said:

Im kind of new and wondered if you'd read my story! I'm open to swaps!!! thanks in advance.


3 days ago Victoria Wagner said:

Hi I'm new here and I just posted my for first story a few weeks back and I was just wondering if you would leave a comment. In return I'm open to swaps. Also I would really appreciate it if you'd recommend it to other people. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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Avenging His Death

(8 months ago)

Where to start? I can't remember how much you told me to read but I read the whole thing. That should tell you something. I didn't, howev... Read More »

Experiment 347

(8 months ago)

I really love the concept and moral dilemma behind this story, and the overall plot is great. Your writing style is fine and you obviousl... Read More »