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  • Magic in the machine cover 03b
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    Magic in the Machine

    The year is 3135 and the future is... disturbing. Nothing is as it seems anymore. Supposedly, the Monasterium once saved humankind f…

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  • Her death on me cover
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    Her Death On Me

    Just when you think you've lost all there is to lose...

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  • Assigned to the edge cover 02b
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    Assigned to the Edge

    After the Galactic Conquest has ended and the demonic menace all but wiped out, one warrior questions the meaning of his life. ~~~~~~…

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  • Illusion of gravity cover 01r
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    Illusion of Gravity

    A young gamer is trapped in a virtual reality battle simulator with no idea who he/she was in the real world and no idea if there is e…

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  • Gay me cover 06 - copy
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    "Have you ever noticed that gay guys get all the chicks?" It started out as just a harmless observation - a silly experiment. No-one's…

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  • Rise of the iron cult cover - copy
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    Rise of the Iron Cult

    A young archaeologist falls under the influence of an ancient entity on a far-off planet. Originally an entry for the first Figgy Idol…

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24 days ago Emma said:

Hi! You seam like an amazing person, (I totally agree with you about figment by the way. there's always going to be jerks and bullies on basically every website, but it still sucks.) so I was wondering if you'd like to be friends!

Since all friendships begin with people getting to know each other, I've come up with a set of random questions!

Closest follower:Maryann Favorite figment book: I don't know... Favorite part about home country: I love that in America there are so many amazing places to go! Spirit animal:Bunny

Now it's your turn!


about 1 month ago Docu Danang said:



about 1 month ago Luna said:



about 1 month ago Tiến Ban said:

Chúng ta hãy cùng nhau khám phá các dòng máy photocopy tại và các dòng máy photocopy konica tại địa chỉ website đây là 2 địa chỉ chuyên cung cấp các dòng máy photocopy chính hãng hiện đại và chất lượng nhất hiện nay


about 1 month ago Docu Danang said:

Khi đến trung tâm Đồ cũ tại Đà Nẵng, bạn không cần phải đắn đo về giá cả, chúng rất rẻ. Rẻ không phải vì chúng kém chất lượng mà đơn giản vì đó là giá thanh lý. Các sản phẩm tại Cửa hàng đồ cũ này thường có độ mới trên 70%, thậm chí hoàn toàn mới nếu bạn may mắn. Liên hệ chúng tôi nếu bạn muốn tiết kiệm tối đa.

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Avenging His Death

(11 months ago)

Where to start? I can't remember how much you told me to read but I read the whole thing. That should tell you something. I didn't, howev... Read More »

Experiment 347

(11 months ago)

I really love the concept and moral dilemma behind this story, and the overall plot is great. Your writing style is fine and you obviousl... Read More »