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    ---!Under Construction!--- Kalpana built its government on skeletons in closets. Literally. Once known as Earth, Kalpana is home to la…

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    Lonely Magic

    Entry for the Shadow Scale contest. #shadowscale A winner in the Shadow Scale Contest!! :)

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    The Door of Phantasmagoria V1

    A collection of short stories. These will be darker/weirder in nature compared to the stories I will have in 'The Collection.'

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    The Collection V1

    This is a collection of short stories of mine. Some were written by using words randomly generated and others were spur of the moment …

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Talk to me!


4 months ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

Also SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN?!?!? BEST MANGA/ANIME EVER!!!!!! Well, that and Death Note. They are both FANTASTIC!


4 months ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:


I am in the neighbor hood of swaps... would you be willing to swap with me? I won't read anything with erotica or anything Satanic; everything else is fair game for me though! If you are interested, let me know. I am currently swapping with any of my WIP novels:

Brinly Callister and the Broken Border is a urban-fantasy in which a elvish assassin is forced to pose as a student to kill the Head Elder of the school so she can gain her reward... and her revenge. WARNING: Dark themes/blood/ (Rated PG-13).

Phobias is an urban-fantasy/comedy novel taking place in the same fictional universe as the book above, but this time an uber geek discovers his unique powers and a prophecy that isn't about him, but he plays a major part in. WARNING: mild violence, nothing worse than Percy Jackson books (Rated PG-13).

Murdur: There's an App For That is a horror/mystery novel in which an app is developed where users can sumbit their murder methods within fifty words, then

Just contact me and let me know if you are game! If you prefer free reads, I am totally cool with that too!


8 months ago Amethyst Rising said:

HI! If you like BTS fanfiction can you please head over to my profile and check out my Harry Potter AU fan fiction about the BTS members being in an unstoppable quidditch team. It's called "Born Wizard." Kpop fans should support other Kpop fans and I'll be glad to check out any of your stories or give free hearts if that's what you want instead.


8 months ago Douglas said:

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback, and I'm glad you could make it all the way through Chapter 9. Since you mentioned eagerly waiting what follows, you're on the shortlist I'll keep informed of future developments. I very much appreciate your interest, time, and attention to my work. If you follow the "My blog" link on my figment profile and then the "foxstory on DeviantArt" link on my blog sidebar, you can access the visual art (Gallery -> Transpecies folder) I've created for the story as additional content. I hope my comments on your four chapters are helpful.

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Transpecies Act I

(8 months ago)

Chapter 5 & 6: These two chapters perfectly begin the journey and learning for Lauren. They also do well in describing the type of per... Read More »

Transpecies Act I

(8 months ago)

Chapter 3: The use of Lauren going in and out of consciousness is well done. It keeps time moving. As this chapter is shorter, ther... Read More »