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about 2 years ago Karah (HAITUS) said:

I apologize if you have already received this advertisement.


about 2 years ago chessi maria said:

Thanks for swapping! Sorry I took a few days to get back to you. I typically return swaps as soon as I can, but I've been sick. I really appreciated your review; let me know if mine helps!

Figgy dp

about 2 years ago Camryn U Botha said:

Don't worry about it :) Sorry to have bothered you.

Figgy dp

about 2 years ago Camryn U Botha said:

Hi! I am looking for a novel swap to get some reviews on my WIP, 'Upstairs'. Would you like to swap? If you do not have a novel, I am willing to read and review several of your writings.


about 2 years ago Carlotta said:

Hii Do you want to do a short story swap? Could you read "Hidden"?

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(about 2 years ago)

I loved reading your poetry, Chessi! I have to warn you that I'm not the best at critiquing poetry...bear that it mind as you read my... Read More »

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Wow. That was impressive. It was thought-provoking and powerful. I loved how it got so deeply into her mind and kinda sounded like her th... Read More »