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  • Isolation
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    This book is different than anything I've written. I'm sorry for the mistakes, but I wanted to try something new for once.

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  • Ginny (tyanna)
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    My father looks at me like I'm a curse from Satan... Oh wait, but I am. Lucifer, my father, and Vania, my mother; have mistreated me a…

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  • Annabelle (tyanna)
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    Growing up in Greece was the best thing that I could ever wish for, but that was before my mother died of an illness no one understood…

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  • Btma
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    Behind the Mask

    Have you ever thought about how it would feel if your boyfriend broke it off for a new a girl in town? A new girl that happens to be y…

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  • Under the fucking moon
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    Under the Moon

    *Book Two of Behind the Mask* Rated: R Their back, Cassandra, James and Hunter are ready for more action. With Amanda and Jesse Jame…

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  • Blood moon
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    Blood Moon

    *Book three of the Behind the Mask Series* Rated:R Back together once again Cassandra and James fall back in love, Jesse, Amanda a…

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about 9 hours ago Salima Makana said:

Swap? I was wondering if you could check out my book, The Perfect Boyfriends and there is no need for you to go first I have already gone...or will.Okay, Thanks! Plus tell others about my book.


2 days ago Khaleesi Stilinski said:

Hi there! Wanna swap? If so read my story 'Helping Sebastian' and just do what you wanna do after reading the first part (heart it, comment, etc.) then tell me what i can read in return :) Thnks!

Cup of tea

7 days ago Arabella Starr said:

Hi it's your follower Arabella! I never can get around to reading stuff by everyone I follow. Tell me about your best story or one you think I will be interested in and if it sounds intriguing I will read/comment! ~Arabella


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(20 days ago)

I honestly don't leave reviews, but this is a good reason to leave one. I hope you can raise enough to help. :) Read More »


(11 months ago)

I really liked this piece, but there were a moment where I was confused because you wrote, "Remember are good times and are bad times-" ... Read More »