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  • Abortion 2
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    The Silent Scream

    Amazing cover by Cutecumber. Thank you so much! Please read the description first: Okay, I don't think I wrote this, if you know w…

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  • Imagesca3aqa5d
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    Child of Rape

    This is a personal testimony about abortion and how it (almost) affected my life.

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  • Catandgoose
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    Gone Wrong

    When Charlie arrived home that day, he expected to find his roommate/best friend tinkering around with a project. He wasn't disappoint…

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  • Robot
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    Trin has never had a great relationship with her dad... mostly because he spends too much of his time tinkering in his lab to ever pay…

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  • Reason
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    1st place winner in Wandering Minds writing contest!!!!!! Cover from Famously Infamous. I love it! At first, I thought the title was…

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  • Ataleofwoe
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    A Knightly Tale of Woe

    A poem about a bumbling knight who tries to take on a much greater opponent... I'm not very satisfied with the ending, that part just …

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14 days ago Dawn M. Therin said:

It's the prep version of Tara Gilesbie. *laughs*

Sanya k 2

about 1 month ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! It's been brought to my attention (and those on the site) that Figment is shutting down. It's incredibly saddening for me to hear that since this was my first writing site. I'm sending this message out to all of my followers that I will be going to Underlined in the transition if you want to keep following me and my stories. Thanks for following me on Figment and I hope to see you in the transition.

Before we all leave Figment I was wondering if there would be any interest in my doing an author Q&A (where I answer some questions that my followers ask me)?

Thank you for your time! Keep writing and keep fighting!



about 1 month ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:

it's gonna stay the same

Purple sparkles

about 1 month ago Purplesparkles said:

nvr mind XD

Purple sparkles

about 1 month ago Purplesparkles said:

i changed my name

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Blue Blood

(8 months ago)

Chapter One…writing as I go along. Okay, I need to start this off with a big, fat, whopping wow because your opening is so…intense, wi... Read More »

The Alpha Squad

(almost 2 years ago)

Wow, nice hook in the beginning. I like the way you instantly bring the scene to life by describing how hot it is outside. I especially l... Read More »