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  • Scythe-invaders-from-afar
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    Scythe: Akiko & Jiro

    The origin story of a girl, known only as, Akiko, the niece of a shogun, who read the stories of warriors and adventures in faraway la…

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  • 24312937_306984683125429_3715704906931671956_n
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    Doctor Who The Time Protocol

    <b>Get ready!<br><br> For not one.<br><br> Not two.<br><br> But three Doctors.</b> <br><br> Something is very wrong with time and D…

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  • Viktor-jakovlev-36797
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    It Is Christ

    Inspired by the poem, It Is The Soldier.

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  • Page45_picture0_13588017481
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    My Testimony

    My story of who I am today. You should've seen me yesterday who I was before the change.

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  • Cover7
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    If I Had Listened

    This is a new work, basically I will write/reflect about stuff in my life BUT if I had listened to the voices in my head to end my lif…

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  • All will be one
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    All Will Be One

    "All Will Be One" sums up the Phyrexian philosophy of conquest as they bring purity to the plane of Mirrodin

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Talk to me!

Me..just me

about 17 hours ago Diamond Dorsey said:

Great! I'll get to it before the end of the day tomorrow.

Me..just me

about 23 hours ago Diamond Dorsey said:

well thxs for reading! Anything I could read of yours?


1 day ago Haley Kissell said:

I'm so sorry for the late reply! I've been away for awhile...

No, but thank you. You're so kind and I really appreciate you offering to pray for me. I hope all is well with you. How is your Doctor Who fic coming? Did you her the next Doctor is going to be a woman?


12 days ago Christal Hector said:

Hey Chesster!

I see that you love to give quality reviews.

Would you please "Join the Audience" on auditionit.net?

We'd love your quality feedback and talent to enrich our new community and guarantee that you will receive the same in return as the site grows.

Thank you for supporting us in making the world a more creative place!


13 days ago Haley Kissell said:

Life is very busy and very stressful - how are things going with you?

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My Reviews

Royal Blood: Heroes of Time 1#

(11 days ago)

Your writing has improved, keep it up! Sorry I don't know what else to say. Read More »

Saving Grace **New**

(27 days ago)

Well, let me start off with saying thanks for visiting my review shop! I'm happy to review/read someone's work. EDITS: "that she le... Read More »