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  • Bokeh
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    The Conjunctive Tale Of Love and Death

    What if Love and Death...Cupid and Thantos... wrote letters to each other? What if you were one of those worthy enough to be the part…

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  • Hqdefault
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    The Symphony of Silence

    For #Halloween15 contest. It is a short story.... About a girl, who was a part of the song of silence.... She doesn't really know…

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  • Dearest amelia
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    Dearest Amelia

    Weslley Morgan is a thirteen year old Jewish boy whose life took an ugly turn when his parents and his beloved sister was killed. Only…

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  • Just one more chance
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    Just One More Chance

    everyone deserves a second shot at life. Seventeen year old, Avery white wasn't given one. Avery White was a promising teenager who …

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almost 2 years ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I’m working on a new novel called Vision Zero and I’m trying to get feedback to make it better. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!


almost 2 years ago Ellie Williams said:


almost 2 years ago Laiba Naveed said:

Hey! Thank you so much for your comment. :) It meant a lot. And I'll surely finish reading your book, it was really great. Its just my tests are due every Sunday and well, you know studies are pretty hard. So it might take a few days for me to finish it. But I'll don't worry. :) I hope you don't mind. :)



almost 2 years ago Madison L.H. said:

Hi! I'm looking for critiques on my new poetry collection and WIP, Poems For Truman. I am also open to swaps for anything of similar length. (And, if you have a longer piece, you can do the same with my novel WIP, Translation.) Thanks!


almost 2 years ago Firnila Foster said:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could provide me with some feedback on my piece "Dear Me, Love Me"? If you could take a few minutes to view that piece, it would be wonderful.

If a swap is your preference, then please let me know which work of your's I should read.

Thanks :)

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Dear Sarah

(about 2 years ago)

Well written. This story was...okay, I really wanted to cry and I think I found myself tearing up. As an author, you have a wonderful tal... Read More »

I forgive you !

(about 2 years ago)

The story is quite well written, I found myself craving for more. it has the potential to be continued and I hope you will consider it. T... Read More »