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  • To breath in love
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    To Breathe in Love

    Tales of the 13 sisters of Saagar Shahar, and the paths the stars lead them on. From the stone pillars and salty shores of their child…

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  • Fools horizon
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    Fool's Horizon

    We never think of where we'll end up. Only fate knows our destiny. She knows the cold hand of death is approaching. Only, she doesn't …

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  • Ocean-984524_1920
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    When a Heartbeat Wanes

    Is a free heart caged from the beginning?

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  • Whispersofgold
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    Whispers of Gold

    Anck-Su-Namun drew her silver dagger and spoke ancient words that declared her triumph, but only the glaring dark haired princess lyin…

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  • Steps to madnness2
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    Steps to Madness

    In late Victorian London, three young sisters are about to take the journey of a lifetime down a magical, dark rabbit hole. Floating c…

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  • 35904mp
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    Yellow Bird

    (c) Katy B. 2012. A poem describing a bird trapped for her entire life, and though she is freed, she remains in her cage and sings. -…

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Talk to me!


9 months ago Tiny Viking said:

Hello would you be interested in doing a swap? I'm writing on a sort of mystery science story called Black Milk that I'd really need some opinions on. I write very thorough reviews by the way.


11 months ago Becca Fox said:

Hello again! I've been doing some revisions for "The Sentinel's Test" and I'd love it if you could take a look sometime :)


11 months ago Becca Fox said:

Thanks for your detailed review of "The Sentinel's Test." This is one of my oldest stories and the one that I've found has been the hardest to write. I think this has to be the fifth time I'm re-writing it. I'll keep working on it.


12 months ago Jorden Leonard said:

Editing Review

Story Title: Ranger Of Path Link: Full Summary/Synopsis: Memories of a bitter mother and a recent act of betrayal have Ishkur in a panic to ignore heroism and embrace his adventuring band’s fresh ruthlessness so he isn’t orphaned again. Chapter(s) to Proof: 1-5 please


about 1 year ago Those Weird Writers (Contests) said:

Dear Beloved Member

We apoligze for our absense and wish to let you know we will be more active! During the start of the school year and exams our attendance in the staff stopped and we wish to change that. We will require our staff t show up often and actually participate with the group if they wish to keep their spot. Follow us for updates on the contest coming out within the next few days!

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My Reviews

The Sentinel's Test (Revised)

(11 months ago)

Hello! Right off the bat, I will say you write with purpose and leave an air of mystery trailing your words. That said, I will be add... Read More »

Of the Sun and the Rain

(about 1 year ago)

Late, but here to review! First off all, I'd like to say that I got to the sixth chapter and am dying for more. I'll be binge-reading ... Read More »