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  • Heraldry
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    The Trials

    After the world was nearly destroyed, the survivors formed a new country with a council of twenty people in charge of leading them. Th…

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  • Carved heart
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    A boy with terminal cancer learns to live after he dies. A suicide jumper wakes up when he hits the street. A mute gains power over wo…

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  • The inhumans project cover 2
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    The Inhumans Project

    (complete) "They’ll make the entire U.S. army into Inhuman soldiers. Then they’re going to destroy everything the people stand for.…

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  • Official 2 insidious cover
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    The Inhumans Trilogy #2, Insidious

    (complete) In the second book of the Inhumans Trilogy, the gang finds new Inhumans and goes after Insidious. With family matters getti…

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  • Official 3 the first inhuman cover
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    The Inhumans Trilogy 3 The First Inhuman

    In the final book of The Inhumans Trilogy, Lucas and the other Inhumans must terminate the threat of Night and prevent the human race …

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  • 1 camp trinity official cover 1
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    Camp Trinity #1 Camp Trinity

    (complete) Camp Trinity is a story about three girls who discover they are demigods, and they go to a special camp for Greek, Roman, a…

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10 days ago Jo said:

Season Three of Writing with the Stars is now accepting committed contestants and judges! Check it out:


about 1 month ago jaz said:

Okay. I'll read more of the trials as soon as I can. When I do, you're free to reread Elementals Rampage. I've done major changes on it.


3 months ago Red said:

Ugh...I am turning from a reviewer into a fan...


7 months ago Red said:

That's really not a bad thing.

Also if could post a comment or review on 'The Resurrection', I would appreciate that.

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Providence: Mysterious Purple Light

(2 months ago)

Chapter Forty-Five Albert being a sort of good guy is awesome because I still love him despite how much I should hate him. I was wo... Read More »

Providence: Mysterious Purple Light

(2 months ago)

Chapter Forty-Four Mincing his body like meat. That would've been greatly entertaining. I've noticed you love to use the word 'rege... Read More »