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  • Heraldry
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    Darkholme Prison

    A group of kids wake up and find themselves trapped inside of a house, none of them remembering anything but their names. The house ev…

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  • 20170728_162248
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    The Trials

    After the world was nearly destroyed, the survivors formed a new country with a council of twenty people in charge of leading them. Th…

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  • Carved heart
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    A boy with terminal cancer learns to live after he dies. A suicide jumper wakes up when he hits the street. A mute gains power over wo…

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  • Timekeeper cover
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    Elementalist #1: Timekeeper

    The first book in a spin-off of Camp Trinity that I wrote alone, this story takes place during Defenders of the Duat as Jordan Wesley,…

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  • 20170728_162230(1) - copy
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    Untold Stories #1, The First Generation

    In the prequel trilogy to Camp Trinity, Lucas Foyer and Mari Zampa must protect all demigods upon the defeat of Tartarus and the forma…

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  • The inhumans project cover 2
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    The Inhumans Project

    (complete) "They’ll make the entire U.S. army into Inhuman soldiers. Then they’re going to destroy everything the people stand for.…

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2 days ago jaz said:

you remember where you left off, right? Okay. I'll continue with Trials when I can too.

Will you also be transferring your book in wattpad or underlined? I look forward to resuming our swap when we get there too.


2 days ago jaz said:

Ah I see. I was told that since the majority of the books are those, they actually influence the people that join. Anyway like I said, I'll take a look at it.

oh btw. I think that you're two or was it three chaps away from finishing purple light. Would you still like to review it just to finish? I can always read where I left off on our last swap.


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My Reviews

A Wielder's Trials

(3 months ago)

So I had the review ready and submitted it...only to find that there was no internet connection and I lost the whole review. Okay, take t... Read More »

A Wielder's Trials

(3 months ago)

Prologue "Califica watched each puff of white, hot air..." Don't puffs of air being visible generally mean it's cold? And continuing t... Read More »