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  • Heraldry
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    Darkholme Prison

    A group of kids wake up and find themselves trapped inside of a house, none of them remembering anything but their names. The house ev…

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  • 20170728_162248
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    The Trials

    After the world was nearly destroyed, the survivors formed a new country with a council of twenty people in charge of leading them. Th…

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  • Carved heart
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    A boy with terminal cancer learns to live after he dies. A suicide jumper wakes up when he hits the street. A mute gains power over wo…

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  • Timekeeper cover
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    Elementalist #1: Timekeeper

    The first book in a spin-off of Camp Trinity that I wrote alone, this story takes place during Defenders of the Duat as Jordan Wesley,…

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  • 20170728_162230(1) - copy
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    Untold Stories #1, The First Generation

    In the prequel trilogy to Camp Trinity, Lucas Foyer and Mari Zampa must protect all demigods upon the defeat of Tartarus and the forma…

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  • The inhumans project cover 2
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    The Inhumans Project

    (complete) "They’ll make the entire U.S. army into Inhuman soldiers. Then they’re going to destroy everything the people stand for.…

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10 days ago Jo said:

Okay, so since Figment is shutting down and I likely won't be transferring to Underlined, these are places where you can find me. (A website I made for my stories) (a Camp Trinity and related work website)

(My wattpad accounts)

So hopefully I'll see you all on another site! If not, thanks for all your feedback and I've enjoyed knowing you guys! :)

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about 1 month ago Jo said:

So, I decided that I will most likely not be joining Underlined, however I'm still going to be active on Wattpad where I also go by Jo or/ ZeusPoseidon129.


2 months ago jaz said:

you remember where you left off, right? Okay. I'll continue with Trials when I can too.

Will you also be transferring your book in wattpad or underlined? I look forward to resuming our swap when we get there too.


2 months ago jaz said:

Ah I see. I was told that since the majority of the books are those, they actually influence the people that join. Anyway like I said, I'll take a look at it.

oh btw. I think that you're two or was it three chaps away from finishing purple light. Would you still like to review it just to finish? I can always read where I left off on our last swap.


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My Reviews

A Wielder's Trials

(5 months ago)

So I had the review ready and submitted it...only to find that there was no internet connection and I lost the whole review. Okay, take t... Read More »

A Wielder's Trials

(5 months ago)

Prologue "Califica watched each puff of white, hot air..." Don't puffs of air being visible generally mean it's cold? And continuing t... Read More »