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  • Timekeeper cover
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    Elementalist #1: Timekeeper

    The first book in a spin-off of Camp Trinity that I wrote alone, this story takes place during Defenders of the Duat as Jordan Wesley,…

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  • 20170728_162230(1) - copy
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    Untold Stories #1, The First Generation

    In the prequel trilogy to Camp Trinity, Lucas Foyer and Mari Zampa must protect all demigods upon the defeat of Tartarus and the forma…

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  • 20170728_162248
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    The Trials

    After the world was nearly destroyed, the survivors formed a new country with a council of twenty people in charge of leading them. Th…

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  • The inhumans project cover 2
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    The Inhumans Project

    (complete) "They’ll make the entire U.S. army into Inhuman soldiers. Then they’re going to destroy everything the people stand for.…

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  • Official 2 insidious cover
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    The Inhumans Trilogy #2, Insidious

    (complete) In the second book of the Inhumans Trilogy, the gang finds new Inhumans and goes after Insidious. With family matters getti…

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  • Official 3 the first inhuman cover
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    The Inhumans Trilogy 3 The First Inhuman

    In the final book of The Inhumans Trilogy, Lucas and the other Inhumans must terminate the threat of Night and prevent the human race …

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Born in oblivion cover

14 days ago Emily Jones said:

Hi, Jo. I'd like to know if you'll be publishing the trials anytime soon. I've read the first chapter and it's got a really good plot. I'd love it if i could read the rest

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20 days ago Jo said:

There are 3 all new Camp Trinity spin-off series joining Figment this month! Yesterday The Untold Stories #1, The First Generation was added to my page and today you can read The Secret Life of the Nymph, the first book of a trilogy, on my co-writer Eryn Kosinski's page! And on August 7th: Elementalist #1: Timekeeper will be making it's appearance!

Elementalist and The Untold Stories are solo Camp Trinity spin-offs written by me and The Secret Life of the Nymph is written by Eryn, but they all take place in the universe of Camp Trinity that we created together.


24 days ago Sophia Edwards said:

Hey! Are you looking for a beta reader? I'm actually looking for one for a completed novel I wrote and was wondering if you'd be interested in sharing stories to beta read. Let me know!

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2 months ago Jo said:

Season Three of Writing with the Stars is now accepting committed contestants and judges! Check it out:


3 months ago jaz said:

Okay. I'll read more of the trials as soon as I can. When I do, you're free to reread Elementals Rampage. I've done major changes on it.

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A Wielder's Trials

(16 days ago)

So I had the review ready and submitted it...only to find that there was no internet connection and I lost the whole review. Okay, take t... Read More »

A Wielder's Trials

(22 days ago)

Prologue "Califica watched each puff of white, hot air..." Don't puffs of air being visible generally mean it's cold? And continuing t... Read More »