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  • Speechless
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    Figgy Idol, Season Four: Round Seven | Resource, inspiration | Prompt: Write a story about a conversation without using any dialogue w…

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  • Power of fate 02
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    The Power of Fate

    In the middle of the night, a man sits and waits for the opportune moment to strike. The family inside remains completely unaware to h…

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  • Reconciliation
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    [WINNER -- March Match-Up 2016, Round One] A young woman finds a lost phone on the city bus during her journey home. What she sees whe…

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  • Lws 03
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    Return of the Pawn

    The unnatural urge to run brings Talilah to the edge of a cliff, both literally and metaphorically. Taking the plunge, she’s reunited …

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  • The shadows
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    The Shadows

    After years of living in the shadows and bearing a guilt she shouldn't feel, Aislinn is done. She's finally ready to confront the man …

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  • Cover-normal
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    Start Living

    When a girl enters a medical trial to help pay her college tuition, something goes horribly wrong. And she gets the kind of news no on…

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20170513_114616 (3)

17 days ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:


18 days ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

Hey, Ellie. I would really like to sincerely apologize. I have exams next week and so I have been swamped this week. I do not have my piece written this round. I really appreciate your understanding before and cooperating to let me still write this round, so I feel terrible that I couldn't manage my time better.

Good luck with the rest of the competition!


19 days ago Mercury Winters said:

Hello Ellie! The link to my cover shop is here: http://figment.com/topics/658509--merc-s-cover-studio- I will get cracking on the polls! :)


24 days ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

Thank you! I would really like to write this round, I've had an idea I'd like to run with. But, unfortunately, continuing afterwards is not something I think I can manage. Regardless of if I were to make it through or not, I just will not have the time to continue writing. So I suppose that shall mean I am the eliminated writer this round :)

Thank you for understanding. I really did enjoy participating in this competition.


25 days ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

Hey, Ellie! I have a question regarding the rest of the Figgie Idol competition.

Earlier this year I was accepted to an intensive summer program that will extremely limit my internet access, and so I will be officially offline in less than two weeks from today. This is something I had prepared for, so that if I continued to make it through this competition I would be able to continue writing, but my program director outlined my schedule the other day, and I am not sure I can make it work.

In consideration of my current position, I wanted to write this round regardless, but I didn't want to be that person who could potentially take a spot from someone else.

So I wanted to ask if you think it is reasonable for me to write this round, or if it would be easier if I simply backed out as of now? I really enjoyed this competition either way, and I'll be sure to come back next season if given the chance.

Thank you for your time, and for all your hard work in this competition. :)

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