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  • Power of fate 02
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    The Power of Fate

    In the middle of the night, a man sits and waits for the opportune moment to strike. The family inside remains completely unaware to h…

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  • Reconciliation
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    [WINNER -- March Match-Up 2016, Round One] A young woman finds a lost phone on the city bus during her journey home. What she sees whe…

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  • Lws 03
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    Return of the Pawn

    The unnatural urge to run brings Talilah to the edge of a cliff, both literally and metaphorically. Taking the plunge, she’s reunited …

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  • The shadows
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    The Shadows

    After years of living in the shadows and bearing a guilt she shouldn't feel, Aislinn is done. She's finally ready to confront the man …

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  • Cover-normal
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    Start Living

    When a girl enters a medical trial to help pay her college tuition, something goes horribly wrong. And she gets the kind of news no on…

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  • Poem collection 2
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    Fenced In: A Collection of Poems

    Ever since I was a child, I wrote poetry not really understanding the rhyme or reason to it. Even now, my draw to it still eludes me. …

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about 19 hours ago G. Francis said:

Welcome to Creativity Bay! =)

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1 day ago G. Francis said:

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1 day ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Oh! Forgot to mention that we may need to recollect the graphics and magazine layouts if we decide to revamp the magazine. I recreated the background already; it was actually really easy to put together.

(Yes, the original is much bigger than this; just wanted it to fit in the box)


2 days ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Hi Ellie! Great to hear from you as well! There's several things I wanted to cover, so I separated my commentary into sections, based on what you said and the ideas that came to my mind.

I wouldn't force to you resubmit an application only because I am familiar with what you are able to create--for Vintage Ink and other outlets.

I'm so glad to hear your opinion on my work! It was very reassuring :) However, I would still appreciate it if I got a reevaluation. I no longer have Photoshop (due to monetary restrictions), so I have to test the programs I currently have to see if I can continue with the magazine work.

To be more exact, I have a Photoshop alternative called Affinity. I haven't tested it in regards to layouts just yet, but for me, it seems to hold up much better than Photoshop and isn't as demanding.

My only major concern about this project is that it is very audience-centered, and the population on Figment is dwindling. It's a sad reality, but it's one I've begun to face.

That's what I've noticed on here as well. All of the social outlets that Figment used to use haven't been active for at least 75 weeks (according to Instagram). I recognize that we do need to reach an audience, so an idea I had was to branch out a bit and advertise via social media about the magazine.

It'll still be called Vintage Ink and our main "headquarters" would possibly still be here on Figment. However, since the articles are very generalized, it could apply to anyone trying to write a story, whether they're on Figment, WattPad, or doing it completely on their own. That brings me to another point:

If there's a better way to communicate you'd like to utilize, also let me know about that.

Figment activity has died down a lot. The few times we tried mentioning outside sources for communication, it's usually been shot down on the basis of privacy. If we do wish to branch out and continue with the magazine, we may have to be a little more open minded on communicating.

There are a ton of places to communicate, but I personally feel that Instagram and Facebook work decently well in having group conversations. Most, if not all people, have at least one of these networks. In the event that someone doesn't have a social network, then we could always try Discord. Although it's oriented more towards gaming, there's a group chat system that works pretty well in regards to text, voice, and video chats (though most people would probably opt for text).

I think starting fresh staff-wise is a good decision, though. I haven't heard from any of the former staff members in months...

Having a fresh staff is a pretty obvious choice, merely on the basis of the current activity here on Figment :/ It's something I noticed, and I'm glad to see that you noticed this as well.

However, it would be good to at least try and see if we could get in contact with some of the former staff members, though not necessarily here on Figment. For example, Tyanna Snider can be contacted through Facebook; we could reach out to her and see if she's willing to work with the magazine again, regardless as to which position she'd want to have.

If we do get a full staff on hand, we should have specialized positions.

From what I experienced, a lot of the former staff was adept at incorporating several different positions at once. It was a good approach in the event that someone fell behind, but it also left a ton of room for mistakes (e.g. a reporter not doing his work since there were three other people capable of doing his work).

I suggest that if we do get staff members, that they have one or two specialities that can handle, but that they coexist with one another. For example, we could have someone be specialized in reporting and in interviewing. Or, we could have someone else specialize in layout design and advertisements.

By having this grouping, it'll be easier to handle different roles in the event that tasks can't be completed at certain times or when there is "free time" to handle other aspects of the magazine.

A website would probably be a good approach for the magazine.

This sounds stupid, I know. The magazine articles are already hosted on a website... But that's the issue we currently have.

What's available now is only an archive; people are forced to join the group on Figment if they wish to have any benefits of participation, such as contests, entries, etc. If we design a simple website with the different categories (issue archive, guest articles, advertisements, etc.), it would increase our audience participation.

I do have to admit, though, that having both a group and a website would be somewhat troublesome to update the two (I tried a website with Cover Designs, and it was a total flop). However, since a website is having to be used for the magazine already, it would probably work to have a more in depth website (unlike Cover Designs, that tried to expand with a website).

Partnerships would have to be updated.

This is a no brainer, but it should still be addressed. If we do a revamp, we have to check and see if the other groups are also going to join in on the revamp. I know that Cover Designs is officially dead, so the group would have to be redone to better fit my needs (it'll become more of an extension of my website, rather than a staff of people).

If I'm able to make the changes on the group, then I'll be more than happy to renew the partnership.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's a lot to take in, but I hope this as what you were wanting to discuss about? Anyway, that's some of the input I had. Let me know what you think!

Daniel Jimenez


3 days ago Hannah B. Nanna said:

Haha, ok, obviously that didn't happen, I haven't even been back on Figment since I sent that. That considered, I think I'm in over my head and going to be way too busy. :P I'm really sorry, maybe next season (and there won't be any surprise babies I'm sure haha). Thanks Ellie.

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