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    goodbye store

    September 14th 2017

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    (poem) the struggle of beauty, about me but cover photo is of youtuber ana lidia lopes.

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    From the desert, to the ocean, to everything in between. Catlee was always an ocean girl, which made living in the desert nearly unbea…

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    She runs to forget, to forget her life and all the pain she's gone through. This is a short story I wrote about running to overcome pa…

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  • Gods daughter_c1
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    God's Daughter

    (short story) a high school exchange student meets with a local girl who introduces herself as a princess.

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    Driver's Test (Ayme Series #1)

    (short story) Ayme tries to balance working on hurdles and learning to drive, despite failing her first written driver's exam.

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10 days ago Sarah Spradlin said:

Hey girl! I love that you're keeping up with What I Found In Foreign Skies! :) I'm adding a few more poems right now, so it won't end quite so quickly. ;)

As far as the mission trip goes, my gut is to tell you to do it. Go--maybe not because you'll make a huge impact there right off the bat, but because it'll impact you in a huge way--it's crazy what all God showed me after being in Costa Rica for three months--and can breathe life into what you're doing back home. Finances is always hard, but you can also always fundraise; gofundme is a good website you can use. :) Definitely pray about it; I'm sure there are pluses and minuses to both decisions. Let me know if you have any more questions!


about 1 month ago Sarah Spradlin said:

Awwwww! Arabella, your comment made my day (and your review)!! I'm so glad you enjoyed my first poem, and I hope the rest deliver just as much to you! :) Thanks for being such a loyal follower!


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What I Found in Foreign Skies

(29 days ago)

continuing on to chapters 2-3 etc. In chapter 3 there was a little typo, "between their fingers...between their does[toes]". I am continu... Read More »

What I Found in Foreign Skies

(about 1 month ago)

Okay, so I just read the first poem and it was breathtaking. I am so excited to read the rest of this collection. I would buy it if it we... Read More »