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    (poem) the story of an adopted kitten

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    (poem) the struggle of beauty, about me but cover photo is of youtuber ana lidia lopes. ((saved in doc.))

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    She runs to forget, to forget her life and all the pain she's gone through. This is a short story I wrote about running to overcome pa…

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    God's Daughter

    (short story) a high school exchange student meets with a local girl who introduces herself as a princess.

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    Sometimes the person who always has to be brave needs someone to hold them.

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1 day ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Hello there! So sorry for the late reply, I've been incredibly busy.. O_o

Im not a part of the coding team, I'm just the volunteer recruiter. But if you're asking if a new Figment is currently being made-- then yes, it is! :) We have a whole team of Figgies coding a new base. Hopefully we can spread the word to everyone.. plzz tell your friends! Any questions..? Feel free to ask me!


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3 days ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Thanks for the feedback!

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4 days ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Okay, I'm stuck...I'm trying to do Nanowrimo. What sounds more interesting a sci-fi book about humans and vampires fighting with spaceships and what not. Or fantasy story with one planet, divided, magic fantasy/medieval-like kingdom next to the futuristic technology based kingdom?

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20 days ago EliAna said:

(Incidentally, if ever you want to chat, I'm more or less available at elliikia@gmail )

Key messagew

20 days ago EliAna said:

Aye, verily 'tis! And it has been a long time. I hope life has gone well for you! I don't know if I'll be very active on Underlined, but if I am, perhaps we'll cross paths! I hope so :)

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What I Found in Foreign Skies

(3 months ago)

continuing on to chapters 2-3 etc. In chapter 3 there was a little typo, "between their fingers...between their does[toes]". I am continu... Read More »

What I Found in Foreign Skies

(3 months ago)

Okay, so I just read the first poem and it was breathtaking. I am so excited to read the rest of this collection. I would buy it if it we... Read More »