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    Beneath the Bleeding Lake (WORKING)

    <b>(1st DIP) Last Edit:</b> 26.8.16 (Chap. 5 Added) _________________________ <code><b>Book One of Gates of Sapphire</b></code> <…

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  • Thoseeyes2
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    Those Eyes

    <b>(1st DIP) Last Edit:</b> 21.9.16 (Added Chap:6) _________________________ <img src="http://i.imgur.com/hx9ugfu.png" <code><em>Fa…

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  • C31c2201a08471ba8e4bef5def01f7ca
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    Midnight Memories

    <h1>A Collection of Poems</h1> <br>Eira J. Skye. © 2017</br>

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  • Girl-reflection-water-wow-beautiful-favim.com-487258
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    <code>A never-ending collection of random, scribbled stories written in exactly 100 words.</code> <br>Idea Inspired by Noceurx</br> …

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    Beautiful Art

    <h1>Completed</h1> (Written in One go!) <br><code><i>For those who can't feel the deepness and beauty of paints like a painter does!…

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    <h1>Completed</h1> <code>"Hidden things are the most precious ones. Their preciousness increase, the longer they are hidden, but prec…

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Talk to me!


2 days ago md_hamdaan said:

Hey, hi. Thanks for replying. Well yeah, life has got busy for me too. And my hols haven't yet come. My exams are still going. And how I did them. Well you know maths and its craziness. I am bad at maths and thats the only main exam that has taken place ao far apart from language. I m okay with maths, haha. And well, your writing has changed a lot certainly. It's super good and amazing, especially ur choice of words and description. Come on, you dont have to feel bad at all. Seriously, i love your writings. And don't think you've wasted 2016. You've not. You certainly have done a lot if you had to manage ur school and ur other positions of life together with writing. Things evolve and they will. Maybe it's me who is regrettable. I was too hung up with other things than writing like reading, football, electronics and friends... that i almost gave up writing. But did not. Writing is my instinct. yeah I've fully wasted 2016. Truly I have. And umm... sorry for this elaborate message. I just like to talk to you, I really do. Thanks if you've read it all. :)


3 days ago md_hamdaan said:

hi, jiya. Hasn't it been a very long time? I busy with exam. How are you? You never talk to me these days. I know you must be busy. :)

Pro pic by tony trin aster

4 days ago Trinity Aster said:

Anything new?

Pro pic by tony trin aster

4 days ago Trinity Aster said:

Yeah, school can be tedious at time, just remember your not alone, :)

Aw, thanks =D

I've been pretty good, had a few huge mood swings lately, but other than that, I'm kinda over it. And I'm in a writing slump xD But Nanowrimo Camp is this April and I'm participating, going to try 25k words, but I don't know...

Oh, and don't mind the late replies, I understand xD :P :P

Img_1513 (1)

4 days ago Elizabeth Blair said:

Thank-you :) So do yours!


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