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  • The dark triad
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    The Dark Triad

    Set in a dystopian society, eight teenagers are arrested and sent to a prison that looks almost like its own town. Only, they're the …

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  • Trust
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    A civil war has split the United States in two, divided by the Mississippi River. The Western Colony continued to govern with a democr…

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  • Silence
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    Kind of a poem, kind of a thought dump - about a long distance relationship that starts to fall apart

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  • Just friends (1)
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    "Just Friends"

    What happens when someone who's afraid of commitment develops feelings for a friend.

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  • Jackie thompson
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    Somewhere between a poem and a letter, this is something that I wrote at like one in the morning expressing how some people make me fe…

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  • Finding cara
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about 18 hours ago Sophia Edwards said:

read chapter 6 for swap


22 days ago Sophia Edwards said:

Read ch. 5 for our chapter by chapter swap!

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24 days ago Samuel Roberts said:

Hey, did I ever finish my side of our swap? I'm moving on to other swaps now (that I agreed to like two weeks ago XD) and I want to make sure i didn't miss anything.


25 days ago Madison L.H. said:

I'm looking for swaps and critiques on my new free verse novel, Sweet as Candy. The description and link are as follows for anyone interested. (TW for: Teen pregnancy, mentions of abortion, and brief descriptions and mentions of child abuse.)

Candace Noble was taken away from her mother at the age of five. After a public display of child abuse, Candace was placed in the care of her doting aunt, never having any significant contact with her birth parents afterwards. Now, as a teenager, Candace is confident that she isn't anything like her mom, -- that is, until she finds out she's pregnant. Fearing the vicious cycle of abuse, she wonders what she should do and who she should turn to. However, all cycles have an end. The question is: who can break them?


29 days ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Congrats on becoming Featured Fig!

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A Letter to my captor

(about 1 month ago)

I'm going to review as I go, so I apologize if anything is confusing! "...introduced[,] but I..." - comma "It was him." - personall... Read More »


(about 1 month ago)

Review of Chapters 1 - 4 I review as I go, so I apologize if anything is confusing! Chapter 1: Okay so I like the beginning desc... Read More »