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    Arabelle only wants three things: To prove that her mother isn't insane. To get her best friend back. And most of all, she wa…

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over 1 year ago Ashley C said:

Hi! I just started working on a new novel, Where Fate Takes Us, and I think you'll be interested in reading it. It won't take you a lot of time reading, and I'll sincerely appreciate it if you can give me some ideas about how to improve it. Thanks!


over 1 year ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I’m working on a new novel called Vision Zero and I’m trying to get feedback to make it better. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!


almost 2 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:


Hello, my name is a Carlos Ordaz and I’m independent author signed to Deathless Press, whose debut novel “The Devil in the River City” was released on December, 15, 2015 and is available now via eBook on Amazon Kindle, but I’m here asking for swaps on my short story “This Time I Mean It.” I’ll happily read and critique any of your work in exchange for a read of my work. I would love feedback but in all honesty, I’m in need of promotion more than anything. Since I’m an indie author signed to an upstart publishing company, I need to sell one thousand copies of my novel via eBook before regional bookstores will even consider carrying my novel in store. It would mean the world to me if you read “This Time I Mean It” and if you enjoy it would you be so kind as to post your review of “This Time I Mean It” on its Amazon page and share the link to my Author Page on your Facebooks, Tumblrs, Twitters, Instagrams, or spray paint it on the side your garage and asked your friends to check it out my novel. I started on Figment five years ago as a baby faced eighteen year old and because of the amazing community on this site, I was able to improve and eventually chase my dreams. I’m hoping that you guys will do me a solid and help me out because I would do it for any of you guys. If you have any questions about the publishing process, I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences and answer your inquires. So please check out my short story and if you like it, share the link to my Author Page with your friends and if you think I’m talented and would like to support me by buying my novel that would most awesome. Now what do you want me to read for the swap?

Carlos Ordaz’s Author Page


almost 2 years ago Baylee Clark said:

Hello! I've created a group called Figment's Next Top Writer and want to invite you! This is a group with games, contests, prizes, covers, and more! Hope to see you soon! :) We are also in need of judges and cover makers!


almost 2 years ago E. Anderson said:

I don't have an official ad made yet, but I'm offering the invitation anyway- would you like to join The Figment Games? You can choose one or both of two multi-round competitions, a writing and a cover contest. Or you can be a judge or run a workshop. Here is a link:


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Tainted Mystery

(about 2 years ago)

This is sad and dark, but I love your writing style! I wish I knew more about the characters, but I'm not sure if that was purposeful or ... Read More »