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    Lowell has spent months awaiting the return of the boy whose cries he hears in the dead of night. The boy who writes and speaks and bu…

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    The Remedy

    <code> <b> If you were afflicted by a mysterious illness, would you risk everything you had to find a cure? </b> This is the question…

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    <code><b>[work in progress]</b> A delusional toymaker decides to create a "perfect human being".</code>

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    In order to afford medicine for his daughter, a man undergoes a mental experiment on Christmas.

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    In medical emergencies, scientists have found that Binding two souls to create one individual can save both lives involved. However, w…

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    [Cover credit goes to the amazing Zoey Boyd] It's the year 3890, and society is crumbling. Individuals constantly wear Headsets that …

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Talk to me!


about 9 hours ago E. Anderson said:

Hi there;

I haven't been on Figment for a while due to a busy schedule, and in getting on I'm incredibly sad to hear the news that Figment will be moving. However, I suppose that it was bound to happen at some point. How are you doing with it?

I'm dropping by for a special request before the site shuts down because I'm not sure I'll be on the new site or not. Currently I'm planning for NaNoWriMo, and I really wanted to have someone make a cover for my novel for it. You being my favorite designer here on Figment, I was going to put in a request in your studio but noticed the message on your profile.

Basically, I came to ask if you would mind doing one cover for me before we part ways. I have all the details ready if so, but please understand that if you can't, or don't want to, it is absolutely fine. I'm not pressing, and I won't be upset if you say no. Just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

We could also exchange emails if we want to keep in touch in the future, but again that's not a demand and you don't have to.

Good luck in the site transition! Hope you're doing well.

- Elizabeth


about 23 hours ago Biometal Omega said:

What would you suggest, Toast? I don't know what goes into making a cover like that, to be perfectly honest. Would it be simpler to create something new, or use that as a template for reconstruction?


3 days ago milan joy said:

I am a regular follower of this website. I really loved reading books and website like this provides huge advantage for people like us. The review shared here very much helpful for choosing the best books. I am waiting for the next updates from

Sanya k 2

3 days ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! It's been brought to my attention (and those on the site) that Figment is shutting down. It's incredibly saddening for me to hear that since this was my first writing site. I'm sending this message out to all of my followers that I will be going to Underlined in the transition if you want to keep following me and my stories. Thanks for following me on Figment and I hope to see you in the transition.

Before we all leave Figment I was wondering if there would be any interest in my doing an author Q&A (where I answer some questions that my followers ask me)?

Thank you for your time! Keep writing and keep fighting!



4 days ago Biometal Omega said:

If this works, this is the cover.

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